Unexpected Reason Why You're Not Living Your Purpose Fully


You can set intentions, make a vision board, or beg the Universe for the opportunity for you to live your purpose, but if you don’t have the space or structure in your life to receive your intention, it will not happen.

For an example, imagine that you want to be a successful coach or energy healer. You set an intention to make $10,000 per month and support 40 clients a week.

Ask yourself:

• Do I have the logistics or systems in place to welcome 40 new clients into my business this month? 
• Do I have the materials finished and are they automated?
• Do I have the emails written and automated?
• Do I have structures in place for 40 new clients to find me and sign up to work with me?
• Do I have the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to quadruple my client load?
• Do I have a payment processor that can handle $10,000 in payments a month with ease?
• Have I set up a way to pay my taxes on the money I make with ease?

If there is no space or structure for your intentions to manifest, the Universe (GOD) will wait for you to build a container first.

This is one of biggest lessons I support spiritually minded entrepreneurs in understanding and implementing.

As a spiritually minded person, the visualization part of intention setting feels good until it comes time to do the “real” world work around setting up yourself to receive what you want.

If you’re setting intentions to have more clients, make more money, write a best selling book, create an eCourse, build a coaching program, do anything online, I invite you to ask yourself, have I created a strong foundation to receive these intentions? Am I ready to receive or am I still in the wishing phase.

Let's get serious about your intentions and your purpose. If you’re ready to manifest and create a solid and consistent business around your purpose, I want to talk to you to see how I can support you.

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