7 Steps I'm Doing to Increase My Manifestation Powers


I’ve noticed that when I do certain things, my manifestation powers seem to increase.

These things take conscious effort, but they're proving to be worth it because I’m receiving more abundance, love, connection, and success living my purpose.

I invite you to try some or all of these things and notice if your manifestation abilities get more intense and faster.

7 Steps I'm Doing to Increase My Manifestation Powers

1.  Wake Up Early: I’m not completely a morning person, but there’s something powerful about the time between 4am-8am. Before my mind fully wakes up, there’s a magical stillness in my head and around me. I’m able to focus more deeply on my intentions without so much mind chatter distracting me. I see more clearly what I want to attract and how to get it.

Try waking up an hour before your normal time. Plan a ritual the night before of what you will do with this extra hour.  It can be anything that nourishes your mind, body, and/soul (example: visualizations, reading, journaling, meditating, gratitude practice, etc.)

2.  Read Books that Inspire You: When you read books that inspire, they stretch your imagination to possibilities and they guide you into a state of high vibration.

Right now, I’m reading Homo Deus by Noah Yuval Harari, Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance by Naveen Jain, and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Find a book that inspires you to stretch your imagination. If you don’t know what to read, make a post on social media asking your friends what books inspire them and start there.

3.  Travel: There’s something that happens when I arrive in a new city. There’s a fresh energy that renews my desire to continue experiencing and receiving more. This year, I have traveled to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Palm Springs, Winston Salem, Mexico City, Kauai, Valle de Guadalupe, Los Angeles, and New York City. Each city had something very special for me.

Where do you want to go to gather some inspiration? It could be to a neighboring town or a different country. Get up and go somewhere to experience a new energy that will support you in stretching to experience bigger and better things.

4.  Meditate: I'm not going lie. I used to hate meditating. I thought it was a waste of time until I really sat down and felt my power in the stillness of meditation. Everything changed when I started doing a guided meditation where I had to count bells in the midst nature sounds. Something happened after about a month into this practice where I noticed that I accessed a deeper silence that actually made me feel more powerful. I could actually feel my manifestation power coursing through my body.

Take some time to meditate everyday. My favorite way to meditate is lying down on the couch, listening to a guided meditation for 25 minutes. Immediately after, I do an unguided meditation for another 20 minutes. I use noise cancelling headphones that allow me to deepen into the experience.

5. Hire a Coach: This was the best decision I made in 2018. I made a huge joint investment of $30,000 to hire a coach for a year. My coach was able to reflect me back to myself when I was stuck in fear patterns that were keeping me small and standing in the way of my full manifestation power.

Find someone who is skilled enough to mirror you back to yourself without projecting their own agenda onto you.

Here's a shameless plug for my coaching services. If you want to talk to me about how I can support you in manifesting your purpose faster and with greater ease, click here to fill out an application to talk to me: Apply to talk to Lloyd.

6.  Build Bigger Business Structures: If you want to manifest more around your purpose and your business, build a bigger structure to hold your vision. What I want to manifest in 2019 will not fit into my current business structure. Therefore, I had to stretch this year to begin building a bigger business structure. Part of that new business structure is called The Gentle Entrepreneur Live. It's a weekend live event that I will tell you more about in the next couple of weeks. However, here's a save the date notice: 

The Gentle Entrepreneur Live: March 23-24th in Atlanta, GA 

Find someone to support you in building a bigger business structure to welcome your big intentions around your purpose. It's time for you to stop dreaming and to start building. Click here if you want to talk to me about building a business structure together that can fit your intentions: Apply to talk to Lloyd.

7.  Limit Screen Time: Mobile phones, televisions, and computers are beautiful examples of technology that can support us in making life more connected, joyful, and expansive. However, it's easy for your interaction with those technologies to shift into contraction instead of expansion. It's quite easy to pass your time scrolling through Instagram or mindlessly binge watching television. This is time and energy that could be spent dancing with the Universe so that you can call your intentions into reality.

Check your screen time and make sure that you're not being hypnotized by the screens and distracting yourself from manifesting the life you want to live.

So, now it's time to go out there and start playing with some of these ideas. Give them a try and let me know how they resonate.


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