3 Myths You Need to Understand About Purpose (or you'll have a lot of anxiety) + TGE Live

Who here feels a little anxiety about their purpose???
"I don't know what my purpose is!"
"What I'm doing doesn't feel good so maybe it's not aligned."
"I'm scared my purpose won't pay the bills."
I hear you...been there, had those thoughts.
There are 3 myths about purpose that when I finally understood them, those thoughts and my anxieties around my purpose dissolved.
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3 Myths about Your Purpose that Will Cause You More Anxiety in Life Than Satisfaction.
1. You Think Your Purpose Should Feel Good All the Time.
This is the main reason people give up on their purpose before they fully actualize it and reap the benefits. Most people start doing something that feels good and then they come up against resistance, anxiety and obstacles. They begin to think they're on the wrong path because of the struggle.
When you’re living your purpose, the majority of the time it will not feel amazing. Living your purpose requires you to step out of your comfort zone, focus, practice, concentrate, work, stretch even more, manage anxiety, up level, and look fear in the face on almost a daily basis. And yes, you experience this discomfort and resistance to access the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing what you’re on this earth to do and contributing something constructive to society.
Living your purpose doesn't always feel good, but the satisfaction, financial rewards and knowing that you are doing something to make your life and this planet a better place will help you navigate the obstacles and challenges of living your purpose with greater ease and grace every time.
2. You Only Have One Purpose.
Just like everything on this planet, your purpose is transient and temporary. Nothing lasts forever. When you are attached to something being the same forever, it will create pain and suffering.
Yes, the core idea of your purpose will most likely stay the same, but the way you express it will change a lot if you are staying attuned to the ebbs and flows of purpose.
Look at Elon Musk. If purpose was static, he would still be at Paypal and you wouldn't be able to drive a Tesla or possibly have the opportunity to get a ride to space on a SpaceX rocket!
You have to continue what I like to call "pulling the thread" of your purpose. It will continue to grow and change because your Purpose Is Alive. The absence of change and growth is death and your purpose isn't dead.
3. It’s massive, life changing.
Many times people don't act on their purpose because they believe that their idea isn't massive or life-changing enough. The truth is: You may not have the full picture of your purpose yet, but also, your purpose may be something smaller in scale or behind the scenes for the moment.
Whatever you feel your purpose is, do it no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. This is important because 99% of the time, you will have NO IDEA HOW LARGE YOUR IMPACT IS WHEN YOU'RE LIVING YOUR PURPOSE.
It's often hard to see the immediate results of your actions or the impact you can have on others with the naked eye. When you have a feeling that you're on purpose, do whatever it is even if you don't see massive, life changing results because most likely the impact is a lot greater than you could ever see or imagine.
Alright, is your mind blown yet?
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