3 Signs You're Ready to Wake Up to Your Purpose & MAKE AN ABUNDANT LIFE LIVING IT!


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Did you know that it’s about to be the most important time of the year to take a big step in your purpose. (Side note: Scroll down if you want me to read this email to you!)

Mercury is going direct soon and the sun is in Leo now. I'm not an astrologer, but I know this is incredibly good for you. It means that you're coming out of a phase of revisiting old patterns & stories and entering a time of confidence, optimism, and creativity. The sun is warm and Leo is confident!

It's time to launch your new business idea, start a coaching program, create digital products, or get whatever gift you have into the world.

There are people who need your support and the Universe is waiting to give you abundance in exchange for acting on the energy of your purpose.

A part of you may be scared or doubting that it’s your time to shine.

I get it.

Parts of you probably have learned that:

  • When you take risks, you fail.
  • When you put yourself out there, you get judged or rejected.
  • If you invest in yourself and your vision, there won't be enough for everything else.
  • You’re not good enough.
  • You’re not educated enough.
  • Nobody will want your products or services.

I know those voices, thoughts and stories. They’re rough!

However, if you’re feeling at least one of the following signs, it’s time for you to honor your fearful parts AND take a giant step forward anyway!

3 Signs You're Ready to Wake Up to Your Purpose & MAKE AN ABUNDANT LIFE LIVING IT!

1.  You’re Restless, Anxious, or Noticing Intense Emotions

You know that you have a gift and people need what you have, but you're not effectively expressing it. This leads you to feel restless, anxious, or intensified emotions that are fueled by you not allowing yourself to express the highest version of yourself.

2. People Keep Asking You for Support

You’re the person that everybody goes to for support. People know you’ll listen with love and there’s something about you that supports people in finding resolution and feeling better. You really don't have to do much to help people heal. It's just who you are.

3.  You’re Seeing Guidance Everywhere

Whether it’s repeating angel numbers, articles that show up right on time, courses about something you want to learn that pop up out of the blue or a teacher/mentor that is resonating and inspiring you to act, all signs are leading you towards growth, expansion, and taking a leap of faith.

Any of those 3 signs resonate? Most likely all of them do! If at least one does, I want you to come to my training next week on:

How to Use the Magic of Manifestation & Business Strategy to Create an Abundant Business that Generates Massive Income & Impact 

The training will be on Tuesday, July 30th @ 10am PST/6pm BST London, UK

In this training, I'm going to:

  • Teach you a simple business structure that supports your ideal client in finding you and creates a way for you to give your gifts and receive abundance without burning out!
  • Walk you through a powerful manifestation/healing process to harness the power of your resistance, fear, blocks & lack of clarity so that it can support you in being productive instead of paralyze you.
  • Show you the most powerful, congruent, and authentic way to sell your products and services that makes people feel honored that you want to sell them something.

Are you going to say yes and enjoy the incredible cosmic support that is available to you? Click here if you're ready: How to Use the Magic of Manifestation & Business Strategy to Create an Abundant Business that Generates Massive Income & Impact

I'm rooting for you!

Big Love


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