More Self-Care or Get Back to Work?

More Self-Care___

There is a light and shadow expression of everything. The light expression of self-care is taking time to regenerate, recenter, reconnect and rejuvenate so that you can more fully connect to yourself, your clients and your mission.

The shadow side of self-care is taking time off of work to sabotage yourself because you’re afraid of finishing your work or standing in the fullness of your gifts.

If you notice that you’re taking a lot of self-care time and not finishing your projects, it’s time to go inward and find the part of you that is using self-care as a means of self-sabotage.

This introspection is important because your work is necessary on this planet. People want/need what you have.

Are you going to continue to make people wait for your program, book, guidance or coaching services because you’re afraid to be the fullest expression of yourself?

From now on, before you decide to take self-care time, I want you to get curious and ask yourself:

Is it time for me to keep working and finish what I started or do I need to take some self-care time right now to be able to successfully finish my project?


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PPS. I’m in South Africa now. Look at this view from my house...and please excuse the accidental F-bomb. I got excited.


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