Why Is Pricing So Difficult??


Setting prices is one of the biggest blocks for spiritually minded entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs fail to successfully sell their products or services because they are blocked by the thoughts: “The price is too low or too high!”

Today, I want to invite you to consider that you can’t get pricing wrong AND with a little bit of investigation, you can ride the ever-changing wave of pricing with greater ease and confidence.

Your product or service is alive and the pricing will change based on where you are in your abundance frequency and what price your product needs to be in the moment to attract the people who need it the most.

Here are a couple steps to figure out the price of your product:

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: “What price does my product need to be?”
  2. Listen to what price comes to mind.
  3. Can you say that price out loud and feel OK?
    If yes, start with that price and remind yourself that you can change it at any time to honor your abundance frequency and the frequency of your product.

    If no, lower or increase the price to a point where you can say it out loud and the charge or trigger isn’t as big.

  4. Start there and constantly check in to see how your pricing wants to grow. Remember your product is alive and will not always have the same price.

Now, I want to be transparent that you will most likely need a bit more support to master this pricing model.

Let me help you out a bit.

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