Don't Romanticize Your Purpose!

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When you dive into your purpose, you may realize that it’s going to take more work and effort than expected.

Many people romanticize the idea of living their purpose and believe that everything will flow with ease and grace.

There are seasons of ease and grace AND there are also seasons of immense effort and fear.  It’s part of the cycle of conscious entrepreneurism.

The seasons of fear and immense effort are just as valuable as the seasons of ease and grace. Matter of fact, they make the season of ease and grace so much more delicious and pleasurable because you have something to contrast it with.

When I did my first large scale live event, the struggle and effort season was really tough.

I can’t tell you how many times I fell to the floor in tears because I couldn’t “figure it out.”

However, just as a wave rises and falls, fear and effort rose and dissipated into the nothingness from whence it came. When the time came to deliver, I stood on that stage with ease and grace.

If you’re in a season of fear and effort, take a deep breath and remember…this too shall pass.

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