Do You Have to Force Yourself to Do the Things You Don't Like to Do in Your Biz


I really don’t like networking.

I lean more towards the introverted side.

For a long time, I tried to force myself to go to networking events because I thought it was what I needed to be successful living my purpose.

I can’t tell you how many networking meetings I drove to and sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes trying to find the courage to actually go in, but ended up driving home.

It’s just not my thing.

Without networking in the traditional sense, I was scared that I was never going to be able to turn my purpose into a thriving business.

However, 9 years later…My business is still thriving, making an impact, and supporting me in accessing the life I want to live.

Listen, if you have to force yourself to do something for your purpose, there are times when it’s because you just have to move through a layer of resistance and fear before the task feels better.


It could also be because it’s just not your thing, and there are other things that you’re stronger at that will support you in living your purpose with lots of impact and abundance.

Today, I invite you to check in and notice if there is anything that you are forcing yourself to do. If there is, ask yourself…

Am I forcing myself to do this because there is a layer of fear and resistance that is ready to be processed and dissolved?


Am I trying to do something that is good for others, but isn’t good for me?

To answer that question, you need to access a level of self awareness that will lead you through your own illusions/delusions and into your truth.

I was able to access that level of self-awareness around my resistance to traditional networking because I had the support of mentors who could reflect me back to my truth and because I did some personality tests that helped me see my strengths in business.

If you need some support and want a mentor to support you in understanding your strengths…click here to apply to talk with me: Application to talk with Lloyd

If you want to take a personality test to reflect you back to your strengths, I highly recommend Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Profile Test.

PS. This post is a perfect example of this work in progress. I don’t like posting on social media everyday, but I realized that it’s because I’m nervous about my next level of expansion in business. That’s why I’m holding the parts of me that hate being visible everyday and writing to you anyway!


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