What Happens When You Honor Your Fear?


Fear is a gateway into unconditional love and unlimited abundance.

To experience unconditional love, you have to love something that you would normally not love.

Fear is something that we are taught to hate, suppress and avoid at all costs. You can change your life and the world by being courageous enough to embrace your fears and hold them with the same love and honor that you hold your happiness.

Also, we live in a world of energy. You attract more of the same frequency of energy as you are attuned to.

Unconditional love and unlimited abundance are of similiar frequencies. When you access one, you get an opportunity experience them both….and that’s a “two for one deal” that you don’t need a coupon for!!!

PS. When I say unlimited abundance, I don’t mean only money. Abundance is realizing the limitless nature of everything.

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How specifically can I honor fear? Do you have an example? Thanks.

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