How to Get Comfortable & More Confident Charging Higher Prices

higher prices

I’ve gotten pretty good at selling higher ticket services. I consistently sell services between $2,000-$10,000.

I used to get nauseous at the thought of asking a potential client for $100, now, I can ask for $10,000 and not even flinch.

Want to know how I got confident and comfortable selling my services for higher prices?

The answer is: A lot of internal healing work and support from others who had already made the leap into selling higher ticket services.

Now, not everybody is meant to sell high ticket products or services. It all depends on the abundance frequency of what you are offering.

However, if you want to know the most most important insights that helped me understand the abundance frequency of my services and grow into a generous, confident, and firm believer in the value of my services, continue reading!

1.  Start where you feel comfortable, do healing work, and let your abundance frequency slowly increase.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking for higher prices, start lower and work your way up. Do healing work around money and your abundance frequency and slowly stretch as you feel more ready.

2.  Discover the true value of your services…priceless.

In my business, I finally was able to see how my presence has been healing for thousands of people. After working with me, my clients feel more empowered, confident, whole, and ready to offer the world their gifts and receive abundance in exchange for the energy of their purpose.

What price tag can you put on helping someone finally embrace their power and live a life of service to the planet while experiencing abundance??

3.  Get out of your potential client’s pocketbook and into your own business.

What your clients can pay is none of your business.

If you stay true to the frequency of your work, you will attract those who are ready and willing to meet you there.

4.  Make your business about generously serving others from your heart instead of using clients to pay your bills.

When you need a client to purchase your products or services so that you can pay your rent, they feel that…and it repels.

However, when you have a true belief in your ability to attract the resources you need to continue sharing your gifts, you no longer need any specific client to pay your bills and they feel attracted to your energy of detachment.

If you believe you are meant to sell higher ticket products and services and you want some support getting there, let’s have a quick chat to see if I’m the person to support you.

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