How to Use Comparisonitis to Attract Your Intentions Faster

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Manifestation can be instantaneous, but often, there are forces that slow down the process and make you wait to receive what you want.

These forces that slow down the physical manifestation of your conscious desires can be categorized as: Light and Shadow Forces of Manifestation.

Light forces slow down the receiving of your intention to support you in choosing your path with more awareness and alignment with the greater flow of the whole.

Shadow forces slow down the receiving of your intentions through shadow parts of you that are stuck in stories of unworthiness and victimhood.

One of the most powerful shadow forces that slows down the manifestation of your intentions is: Comparisonitis.

As a coach or practitioner, you probably have scrolled through your social media feed and noticed others in the same field succeeding more than you. You then start to compare yourself to their carefully crafted social media image.

This comparison often leads you to pause due to fear of not being good enough.

Because parts of you are terrified that they don’t measure up to others, they use procrastination, self-doubt, victim mentality, and distraction to slow down your success and protect you from the perceived threat of being exposed as NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

With one sentence, I’m going to teach you how to reverse the energy of comparisonitis and make it support you in receiving your intentions faster rather than slowing down the conscious manifestation process to protect yourself from your fears.

When you notice that you are comparing yourself to others, imagine that each picture you see on social media is a perfectly embroidered design. It’s beautiful and carefully crafted.

Now, here’s the sentence that will change the way you interact with comparisonitis: 

Turn the embroidered design over and reveal the mess and madness that also exists as a hidden, necessary part of the carefully crafted design you and the world gets to see.

Being human depends on a level of duality.

Like two sticks leaning on each other to stand up, the beautiful order of your humanity leans on the mess to create a whole, human experience.

You can't always see the whole story behind what others show you and the world. However, rest assured that everyone has fears, doubts, and mess just like you do.

Everyone is just as perfectly imperfect as you are.

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