Are you manifesting like an adult or a child?

A part of me is nervous that you will feel judgement in this question: Are you manifesting like an adult or a child?

My intention is not to be judgmental. My intention is to support you in seeing the truth about your beliefs around manifestation and support you in evolving to a place where you can consciously and consistently manifest more abundance, love, and satisfaction.

We all are part of a growth process, and manifesting like a child is an absolutely necessary part of your journey.

You need to believe in magic. You need wishful thinking. You need to believe in the fantastic.

However, you need to continuing growing and allow the fantastic to partner with the reality of the laws of the Universe.

When you embrace the magic of childlike thinking with the healing of adult evolution, you can finally claim what is yours and be a co-creator with the Universe.

I did a 2 hour training to teach people how to know the difference between conscious manifestation and wishful thinking and how to build an adult strategy for manifestation that consistently attracts abundance, success, and satisfaction.

I distilled that training into a 17 minute video. Please watch and leave a comment or question on the page.

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