Some People Can Be @ssholes

It is inevitable. Some people will not like you or what you’re doing in the world and voice their opinion in a mean spirited way.

Is this one of the reasons you don't allow yourself to fully commit to the vastness of your purpose? The energy of your purpose is so authentically you that if anybody offers mean-spirited criticism, it feels as if they are rejecting you personally and not your work.

I just talked to a group of entrepreneurs who are working to build podcasts, programs, and services that embody their purpose and support the world in healing. They were asking me if I ever get any internet trolls or unconstructive criticism in my work.

The answer is YES, and I told them about the last Facebook ad I did.

It was a simple ad inviting people to stand in the fullness of their manifestation power. 95% of the comments were encouraging and resonated with my work. However, there were 5% that were downright mean with the intention of inflicting pain.

One person wrote: “F@ck You” with a meme that had a doctor that diagnosed me as a wanker!

When I saw it, I burst into laughter. (In the past, it would have been tears!) I had a twinge of “Ugh, maybe I should just give this all up.” Then, I swiftly supported this part of me that gets afraid when people don’t like his work. I helped this part of me explore his fears and investigate what he was really afraid of.

This Parts Work support process is the work that 99% of entrepreneurs, healers, creatives, or anyone with a passion, spark, or purpose to support the planet needs to do.

Supporting your parts that have legitimate fears about criticism and what it says about them can be the difference between you allowing your purpose to flourish or you allowing your purpose to die inside of you.

Affirmations are great, but the truth is: Some people can be assholes and you have to support your parts in understanding what is projection and what their real fears are underneath their reaction to criticism.

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In the training, I walk you step by step through how to support the parts of you that interrupt the manifestation of success and abundance because they are afraid of the assholes out there or other things that keep them wanting to stay small.

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