You Have a Responsibility to Be Wealthy. 


Did you know that: You have a responsibility to be wealthy. 

Think about it. Who better to have 10 million dollars?

You, a conscious person with a desire to make this world a better place.


Someone else who only wants to accumulate money out of power or fear.

Can you imagine the difference you could make in this world if you were incredibly wealthy?

We’re beginning a new phase of evolution where the economy is changing.  Those who want to make the world a more loving, connected, and compassionate place are going to have the opportunity to experience MORE financial abundance and access to abundant experiences. Service is going to be the new access point to abundant living.

However, before you can enter this new economy and get access to new levels of abundance, you have to do a couple things.

  1. Boldly stand in your purpose. The energy of your purpose is what is going to attract abundance. You have to share more of you to receive more abundance.
  2. Investigate and heal patterns and beliefs around money. Individually, we have to make massive change that shifts the collective. You have to welcome abundance to change the belief that there is no money in creativity, healing, connection, or service to community and the planet.

IMPORTANT Sidenote: Yes, it is important to appreciate what you have. No, you do not need money to be worthy of love or powerful. Yes, you deserve to have & experience more financial abundance.

I’m hosting a new training where I’m going to talk about the dynamics of The New Economy and how to access Soul Energy that will support you in claiming your financial stake in this shift of consciousness 

You deserve more.

The world needs you to have more.

It’s not about having more material possessions. It’s about the good in the world that you’re going to do when you allow yourself to be incredibly abundant in this new economy.

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