The Manifestation Trap

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When I first started using the law of attraction for my business, I fell into the manifestation trap.

I thought all I had to do was set intentions, visualize, and continue doing my healing work to remove blocks.

I did that process for a long time and I started to feel emotionally and spiritually better, but my business was failing and my bank account draining.

I didn’t understand why. I was doing everything right according to all of the manifestation teachers.

So…I visualized more.  I meditated more. I journaled more. I cried more. I focused on the positive more.

And guess what…I went broke.

This made no sense to me. I’m a gifted healer. I’m smart. I’m a good person.

Why was it so hard for me to manifest a consistent stream of clients and money?

Then, I finally realized how I was royally messing up my manifestation practice (Yes, I know everything happens for a reason. I'm grateful for my journey, but in retrospect, I can see what would've made my journey a little easier!)

I was only doing the spiritual work and not the human work.

If you want to manifest random synchronicities (like a couple clients, some money here and there, a parking space at Walmart), then visualize, meditate, and heal.

It works perfectly!

However, if you want to consistently attract clients who need your work, reliable streams of money, and success living your purpose everyday, then you have to do the spiritual work I talked about AND build a human container to catch manifestations more consistently.

You’re a spiritual being living a human experience and you need to give your purpose a container to grow and attract more and more abundance and success.

So, I did my visualization/healing work and I built the funnels, strategies, and  systems that most conscious/spiritual entrepreneurs hate doing. This mix of spiritual and human manifestation work gave my purpose a structure to attract more of everything I wanted.

If you’re stuck in the manifestation trap and you want to learn how to build systems around manifestation that attract a steady stream of income and clients who need your work, book a call with me.

Click here to apply for a free call where we can look at what's blocking you and what systems you can put into place to attract more abundance doing what you love.

This is the human work that turns your high vibration into dollar bills & planetary evolution!

Big Love,


PS. Here's a couple pictures from my New Years Day Intention Setting Ritual with my BFF Keri Nola. Isn't it gorgeous. We were just hanging out at sunset cliffs in San Diego. It's one of my favorite spots to manifest.

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