Your Purpose is Trying to Make You Abundant

Your Purpose is Trying to Make You Abundant

That feeling that you keep having to leave your job, create something unique, start a business, help others, or do anything that feels more aligned with your Soul is trying to help you feel satisfied and experience wealth.

Although you probably associate following your purpose with sacrifice, financial risk, rejection, and failure, the energy of your purpose is actually trying to open you up to a world of fulfillment, abundance, and satisfaction.

Today, I invite you to consider that not following your purpose and continuing to do things that aren’t aligned with the highest expression of yourself are actually the things attracting the energy of sacrifice, financial risk, rejection, and failure into your life. Living your purpose is the antidote!

If this is resonating with you, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What would I be doing as my purpose or job if I knew that I couldn’t fail and that I would be totally safe no matter what?

2. What am I afraid will happen if I follow the energy of my purpose?

3. What support can I get to help me more fully embrace my purpose and live a life of more joy, abundance, and satisfaction?

If you want some support fully standing in the power of your purpose and allowing your purpose to make you abundant, click the link or image below to check out the Expansion Mentorship & Training Community. It's a membership community where you have powerful trainings available to you and I coach you on stepping into the highest version of yourself with more abundance, purpose, and love.



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