Your Chances of Being Successful Decrease if You Don't Address This (How Epigenetics Affects Your Purpose)

Your Chances of Being Successful Decrease if You Dont Address this Thing-Epigenetics

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve more success with greater ease than others? This difference between levels of achievement is typically explained away with assumptions:

Intelligence: The more successful person is smarter.
Genes: The more successful person has better genes.
Discipline: The more successful person has a more solid and strong work ethic.

I’m not going to speak to any of those three assumptions because I’m not convinced that they’re completely true and if they were, I don’t believe they would be the whole story.

I’m going to explain the difference through the lens of Epigenetics!

Epigenetics basically looks at your genes over the course of your life and how the environment outside of your genes affects their expression.

For example, think of twins that were separated at birth.

Twin A grows up in a wealthy family that values achievement and encourages education and creative expression.

Twin B grows up in a poor, verbally abusive family that nurtures fear and self-loathing.

Even though these twins have the same genetic makeup, if they meet each other when they’re 50 years old, do you think they will be in the same position in regards to their success?

Most likely, not.


Because of their environments. One environment encouraged a fuller expression of genes that typically lead to success and the other turned down or muted the expression of genes that typically lead to success.

The point of this very basic epigentetics example is to paint a picture of how environment can affect your chances of successfully living your purpose.

Would you like to harness the power of epigenetics and enhance your environment so that you can experience more success?

Here are three different ways to transform your environment and more fully express genes that lead to success.

1. Surround Yourself with Those Who Encourage Success.
One of the most coveted awards that people seek is being labeled as a “Self-Made Person”. How many times have you heard this concept celebrated in the media or in your social groups?
She’s a self-made millionaire. He’s a self-made business success.

My favorite example of “self-made(ness)” is when Forbes magazine gave Kylie Jenner the esteemed title of the world’s “Youngest, Self-Made Billionaire.” Yes, she has worked hard. Yes, she has achieved a lot. Yes, she is incredibly intelligent and business savvy. However, when Forbes labels her as “Self-Made”, it’s misleading. It buries the environment that supported her in achieving major milestones deeply into the background. She has grown up in a family that is not only very wealthy, but creates an energy of ambition and accomplishment.

Are you like Kylie Jenner? Are you surrounded by an environment that encourages you to stand tall and confident in your purpose and make an impact on the world?

If not, it’s time to begin consciously shaping your environment by choosing people who activate your confidence and success.

I invite you to take inventory of the people you spend the majority of your time with. Do they pursue their goals? Are they living in their purpose? Do they require that you be the highest version of yourself?

Your success doesn’t just depend on you. The people around you influence the qualities, traits, and behaviors that you express. If the people around you like to play in the energy of laziness, procrastination, or victimhood, they will support you in expressing the same. If they like to play in the energy of growth, expansion, love, purpose, and impact, they will support you in expressing the same.

2. Create a Physical Environment That Inspires Success?
Just like how the people around you influence how you interact with your purpose, your physical environment plays a role as well.
It’s like the world-famous Marie Kondo says, "A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life-transforming."

Your physical environment can lead you to express traits and engage in behaviors that lead to organized, light, and joyful movement forward or disorganized, chaotic stagnation.

It’s time to ask yourself some questions:

  • How does my workspace inspire me to act or behave? How does my bedroom influence my rest and rejuvenation?
  • How does my kitchen support my health and energy to live my purpose?

Set up your physical environment in a way that supports the expression of traits and behaviors that lead to success.

3. Do Things with Your Body That Fuel Success.

In the last point, I invited you to ask yourself how your kitchen supports your health and energy to live your purpose. This is an important question because just as a car will not move if you don’t fill it will proper fuel, your body will not perform at optimal levels to achieve what you want if you do not fill it with the proper fuel.

I’m not going to tell you what to put into your body to experience the optimal expression of success traits and behaviors, but I will invite you to investigate what you’re doing now to understand how what you’re intaking is affecting your ability to stand confidently in your purpose and achieve success.

  • What foods or drinks help you feel energized and light after you eat?
  • What types of movements support you in feeling clear and inspired?
  • What other things like cigarettes, drugs (prescription/non-prescription), or even mold in your house influence your body’s performance?

Get curious about how things you intake and absorb into your body affect you. Run little experiments of taking things out or adding things in to see what makes your body run at high performance.

Are you ready to create an environment that eliminates outside influences that give your genes instructions that lead to lack, struggle, and feeling unfulfilled?

If so, comment below and let me know what resonated and what changes you want to commit to experiencing.


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