3 Signs Meditation and Visualization Are Stopping You from Being Successful

3 Signs Meditation and Visualization Are Stopping You from Being Successful


Meditation and visualization are amazing tools for self-growth, stress reduction, and creating your reality. However, there’s a big chance that you’re using them in a way that actually makes it harder for you to experience the physical world, financial results and tangible success.

You most likely would like to be able to experience physical world abundance so that you can spend money on things that you want to experience. Also, I imagine you want to experience real-world success, impact and results to feel the satisfaction of fully standing in your purpose. If you’re not experiencing the tangible success you desire, check out these 3 signs to see if your meditation or visualization practice is keeping you stuck.

1. You See Results in Your Mind, but Can’t Touch Them in Your Physical Reality
Your brain is the most powerful supercomputer known to man and is constantly computing and looking to resolve problems. It uses massive computing power to figure out the best way to support you in experiencing the success that you want to experience.

However, when you’re meditating on your success and visualizing the results of your success, it’s tough for your brain to differentiate your mind reality from your real-world, tangible reality. Therefore, often times when you’re spending a lot of time visualizing your success, but you’re not experiencing the tangible results of that success, it’s most likely because you have fooled your brain into believing that you already have what you want. When the brain believes that you already have what you want, it no longer uses its massive computing power to support you in getting what you want because it believes that the mission has already been accomplished.

When your brain stops looking for pathways to get the success you desire, most likely the physical world success won’t arrive and you’ll eventually give up on your goal.

If you want your brain to support you in achieving success, don’t convince it that you already have what you want. Remind it of the pain you’re feeling in your current moment in addition to the success you want to experience.

2. Getting Started or Doing Work Feels Daunting
If there is no energy to do your work, achieving success will feel like such an overwhelming task that you won’t even start.

You were most likely taught to meditate or visualize solely on the positive results. This led you to ignore the current pain of your situation and try to escape the heavy feelings of longing to experience the success that you desire.

When your meditation or visualization only focuses on the positive, your body relaxes. You experience the peace and calm of having what you want. However, there is no energy generated to move your idea forward into the tangible world.

Energy is created through positive AND negative charges. If your meditations and visualizations only focus on the positive, there is no energy created to move you into action and productivity. Therefore, when you’re done meditating or visualizing, you feel completely relaxed and almost drunk on the energy of peace and calm. This is a great state to experience. However, it’s not an ideal state to be in to take massive action in the area of your purpose.

Think of a battery. If you only have a positive charge in a battery, will it power your remote control? No, you need the positive and negative charge in the battery to give energy to the appliance you want to use.

If you want meditation and visualization to fuel your productivity, create a charge by focusing on both the positive and negative. 

3. You’re Procrastinating…A Lot
Do you sometimes get amazing ideas that you want to bring to fruition, but find yourself procrastinating when it comes to doing the work to actualize them in your physical reality? You most likely feel good visualizing your ideas and meditating on them, but outside of meditation and visualization, your work is paralyzed.

Since you feel good meditating and feel the sensation of success in your visualizations, parts of you are able to convince you that you have been productive enough to attract your success. Yes, passive productivity in meditation and visualization is necessary, but active productivity in the physical world is imperative to bring your success from your mind to your physical reality.

Procrastination is self-protection. When you procrastinate, it means that there is a part of you that is afraid of finishing your project or fully bringing your ideas to completion. A subconscious part of you is terrified of the rejection, criticism, or failure that may be the result of your completed project and therefore, this part compels you to procrastinate so that you can avoid or put off the perceived threat of rejection, criticism, or failure.

It feels safer to parts of you to experience passive productivity in meditations and visualizations, but when it comes to translating that productivity into physical world action, these parts procrastinate to avoid the imagined pain of their fears.

If you’re hiding in your meditation and visualization practices and using them to keep you safe from productivity in your physical world, you will not fully attract the tangible success you desire.

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