If You Want to Attract Abundance Living Your Purpose, This Unconventional Tool Is a Game Changer

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Before I explain the powerful tool that will support you in living your purpose with greater ease and attracting abundance, first, I want you to see what’s holding you back from experiencing the fullness of your intentions.

Getting clarity around your purpose requires you to see the fears that block your vision.

Stepping into your purpose more fully requires you to see the fears that are blocking your action and encouraging procrastination.

Attracting abundance from living your purpose requires you confront the fears of being seen and heard on a larger scale.

Fear is the main force that keeps you from fully standing in your purpose and experiencing the tangible, real world results of living your purpose and making an impact on the world. If you didn’t have any fears, you would most likely already have everything that you want.

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite exercise that has supported me in moving through my fears that have kept me stuck in a pattern of struggle and lack.

This powerful exercise is called: Fear Board.

A fear board is a snapshot of your deepest and darkest fears. It is a collection of pictures, graphics, words, colors and other physical/symbolic elements that represent the things that you’re afraid to admit to yourself, you’re afraid will happen in the future, or that you’re afraid people will discover about you.

Diving deep into these fears will support you in recognizing patterns of self-sabotage. It will also support you in expressing the fear energy that needs to be released in order to achieve your intentions.

To create your fear board, take a deep breath and allow your fears to bubble to the surface by asking some fear revealing questions.

  • If I’m living my purpose, I’m afraid that...
  • If I’m openly living my purpose and speaking my truth, I’m afraid that people will discover what about me...
  • If I commit fully to my purpose, I’m afraid that my relationships will change how...
  • If I focus on my purpose, I’m afraid that I’ll lose what...
  • To make my purpose come to fruition, I’m afraid that I’ll have to do what...

After you allow your fears to come to the surface, create a fear board based on your answers.

Create the board by finding pictures, words, or anything that symbolizes the answers that feel most important to you from the above questions. It’s important to notice the answers that have the most “charge” or the ones you feel in your gut and represent those on your fear board.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Creating a fear board is an exercise to ground yourself into the present moment so that you can gain access to the information that is calling for your attention through fears, events, energy, feelings, or relationships in your current life.

Whatever most wants your attention will come to mind and ask you to be a part of the board. 

The fear board is also a way of honoring the parts of you that have fears. They have been forced to live in the dark for so long. Bringing light to these parts in the shadow is one of the most healing things you can do.

It allows you to see the information your fear has for you so that it can finally release its grip on your mind and experience.

If you want to dive deeper into this exercise and healing fears so that you can more fully live your purpose and attract more abundance, I invite you to check out the Expansion Mentorship & Training Community. Click the link or image below to check out the Expansion Mentorship & Training Community. It's a membership community where you have powerful trainings available to you and I coach you on stepping into the highest version of yourself with more abundance, purpose, and love.



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