The Nine Real Steps for Manifesting Anything You Want (no fluff)

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Manifestation and reality creation aren't what most people believe they are. There is so much more to the conscious process of co-creating what you want with the Universe.

Check out these 9 real steps to manifesting anything you want. It's an honest and real approach to the complexities of consciously manifesting your desires. And when you're finished, continue the conversation with me in the Expansion Mentorship & Training Community.

1. Set an Intention.

Start with a clear intention that you are committed to bringing to fruition.


2. Tune into Your Intuition For Guidance Around Action

Be wary of the belief that you just have to ask for something from the cosmic catalogue and wait for it to be delivered. If you want to receive a physical world, tangible intention, you must take physical world, tangible steps that are fueled and guided by intuition and wisdom.

Ask Yourself/God/the Universe/your Intuition what you need to do to co-create the physical manifestation of your intention.

3. Do the Required Healing Work

Typically, your intuition will guide you to doing something that is out of your comfort zone so that you can grow into the person you need to be to receive what you want.

Find the parts of you that are afraid of taking the necessary action to welcome your intentions and support them in healing.

4. Take Inspired Action.

As you do your healing work to support the parts of you that are scared to take steps outside of your comfort zone, you’re going to realize that the fear typically doesn’t completely go away. You just have more of a space to be afraid and take action at the same time.

When you’re ready, hold the parts of you that are afraid and take intuition driven action forward to get what you want.

5. Reflect Upon and Refine Your Intention

After you have taken the first four steps to co-create what you want, you most likely will have grown and will have noticed that your intention wants to shift to reflect your growth. Honestly reflect upon and refine your initial intention. You don't have to stay committed to or consistent with anything other than an honoring of what is true in the present moment.

Check in again with your intention and make sure that it is still aligned with your highest good and the highest good of the collective. If not, edit and refine.

6. Ask for Help

From your healing work and action in previous steps, you most likely have learned that you can’t do this alone and more importantly, you don’t have to do this alone. There is an expansive network of physical world family, friends, loved ones, and people you may not even know who want to help you get what you want. In addition to physical world support, you have spiritual world entities and energies that want to support you as well.

Ask for help and surrender to the love people want to offer you through their support and generosity. Fall into the magical arms of the spiritual world and allow it to hold, guide, and fuel your steps.

7. Take Inspired Action Again

You’ve done some major healing work and have allowed yourself to experience the power of surrendering into a supportive and loving Universe both physical and energetic.

Your heart is open. You’re tuned in. You’re in flow with magic and creation. Hold any parts of you that are afraid of acting, asking, receiving, or surrendering close to your heart and move forward anyway.

8. Receive & Celebrate

Say, yes and receive the gifts that have always been yours. You just forgot for a moment that you are everything and lack nothing because you already are everything.

Enjoy your vastness and connection to all. Celebrate your power and connection to all that is, was, and every will be.

9. Forget/Rinse & Repeat

You’re not meant to always float in bliss. You’re here to peel back the layers of your Soul as if it were a cosmic onion. You’re constantly growing, evolving, remember, and forgetting. Even though you may feel disconnected or in need of something outside of yourself again, this time you’re doing it from a step higher in the infinite spiral staircase of evolution.

Pretend that you forget how powerful and connected you are for as long as you need. And as you start to remember your power and connection again, wink at yourself for gracefully agreeing to play along in this epic game of evolution and for allowing the Universe to experience its infiniteness through your unique experience.

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