Use Fear to Build an Abundant Business around Your Purpose

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If you believe that fear stops you from living your purpose, it’s time to investigate that belief and experience the power fear has to support you in building an abundant and impactful business around your purpose.

You have most likely been told all of your life that:

Fear makes you weak.

Don’t be afraid.

Get over your fear.

Ignore your fear and do it any way.

Don't let your fear hold you back.

How has the the mainstream “suppress fear” philosophy worked for you?

Most likely, it hasn’t worked for you. If it worked, you wouldn’t be reading this article because you would be too busy living your purpose and feeling abundant and satisfied.

Fear is a powerful energy that when unacknowledged can work against your intentions. However, when you acknowledge it and harness its power, it will support you in finding the most powerful way of living your purpose in an abundant and satisfying way.

Here are three ways fear supports you in living your purpose more fully and effectively:


1.  Fear Supplies a Necessary, Negative Charge to Create Sufficient Energy to Act.

If you want to live your purpose, you need energy to fuel it. You cannot create sufficient energy to pull your intention into fruition with just a positive charge. You need a negative charge as well to create enough energy to attract your intention.

Think of a battery. A battery will not function with just a positive charge. The negative charge is just as necessary to power a light bulb.

Your positive energy shows your brain what you want to create and gives it an intention to work towards. When you acknowledge your fears, you show your brain an experience that you want it to overcome so that it can use its massive computing power to find a solution to attracting your intention.

You use double the manifestation power when you include the energy of your fear in your business building process. (Also, you don’t waste precious energy trying to suppress something. You use it all to attract your intention.)


2.  Fear Invites you to Investigate Your Intentions so that They’re Aligned with Your Purpose

Sometimes, you set intentions that are not completely aligned with the most powerful and authentic expression of who you are in the present moment. These intentions that are more ego or “parts” driven require investigation so that you can align your intentions with what is in your highest and best good.

Fear invites you to pause and investigate. When you reflect on your fears instead of trying to suppress them, you have more of an opportunity to discover any parts of your intention that may not be aligned with the fullest expression of your purpose and are therefore triggering a fear response.

It’s important to understand that sometimes, you may want to create parts of your business to satisfy ego desires. Fear invites you to get quiet, investigate and make sure that you’re on course to attract something that is fully aligned with your purpose.


3.  Fear Provides You an Opportunity to Pursue your Purpose Using the Most Powerful Energy

Do you know the power of unconditional love?  Unconditional love is an incredible source of power, energy and inspiration. When it fuels your actions around your purpose, you will find greater ease in building your business and attracting clients who can’t get enough of you and your work.

To access the energy of unconditional love, you must find love for something that you normally put conditions on. Fear is something that you most likely have learned to hate or ignore. When you can bring love to your fear, you access the vibration of unconditional love where more is possible.

Fear goes from fueling self-sabotaging (self-protective) behaviors to being a gateway to the most potent energy source that can fuel your purpose.

It’s time for you to stop wasting the energy of your fear and harnessing its power so that it can support you in clearly seeing your purpose and building a business that attracts abundance and has a huge impact on the world.

If you want some support with this, check out my free training called: Build a Business Living Your Purpose: a spiritually-minded entrepreneur’s guide to creating a successful online business.


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