3 Scenarios When NOT to Solely Rely on Your Intuition in Your Business

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 Your intuition is the most powerful business tool you have. It will guide you to clarity, support you in using your authentic voice, and keep you aligned with your highest purpose and the needs of your community.

However, there are times when relying solely on intuition will not give you the physical world, tangible results that you may desire. This is because intuition is a “magical” spiritual energy that is intangible and often times, unexplainable.

There are times in your business when you will want to put physical world structures into place to consistently create a powerful space for your clients to experience your gifts in exchange for abundance. When it comes to building tangible world structures for your business, I invite you to not solely rely on your intuition, but to use a blend of intuition and physical world wisdom.

Here are the three main scenarios where I invite you to NOT solely rely on your intuition:

1. Creating Marketing Materials
When you’re creating marketing materials, you will want to use formulas and structures that are proven to motivate your specific clients to take action. Use the wisdom of psychology and the proven marketing strategies to know exactly how to speak to your clients in a way that motivates them to take action.

It’s important to use your intuition to infuse your heart into your marketing so that your clients can feel you rather than just experience a formula.  However, if you just speak from your heart, you will mostly likely inspire people, but that inspiration most likely won’t consistently translate into them taking deliberate action within your business.

2. Tracking Your Business Goals & Metrics
Tracking data about your sales, conversions, or effectiveness of marketing is really important when you want to go from supporting a handful of people to taking your gifts to a larger audience where your impact reaches further.

Use your intuition to guide you to the products and services that want to come through you and the delivery of those products and services to your clients. However, use physical world wisdom to track and gauge what is supporting you in fulfilling your intentions and what needs to be tweaked.

Yes, it's important to consult your intuition when it comes to making decisions in your business. However, I invite you to also lean on the physical world of data and analysis. 

3. Setting Specific Income Goals & Manifestation Milestones
When you create specific income goals or manifestation milestones such as attracting the resources to buy a new house or car or saving enough for your child’s college tuition, I invite you to use physical world wisdom to make a plan of how many people you need to reach in order to attract enough abundance to get what you want.

Often times, when you rely solely on your spiritual resources to provide physical world materials, you will either give up too soon or miss opportunities to co-create with the Universe in tangible ways.

For an example, if you want to manifest a new car. You put it on your vision board, do healing work around clearing blocks, and visualize yourself in that car regularly. However, after a couple months, you begin to tire of waiting and abandon your intention because it feels like it is not coming to fruition. You could be really close to manifesting the resources to buy your new car, but you’re not following a specific income plan and therefore, you aren’t aware of how close you actually are to manifesting your new car.

When you use physical world wisdom in your manifesting process, you intensify your manifestation power and also more clearly see ways to co-create your reality with the Universe in the most efficient and effective way. 

In all of these examples, your intuition is very important. Trust it and allow it to guide you to experiencing the reality that you want to create. In addition to trusting your intuition to create what you want, use it to guide you to the physical world wisdom and support that wants to help you have what you want even faster.

If you want support honoring your intuition and harnessing the power of physical world wisdom to build a business that makes a big impact and attracts the abundance you desire, check out my training on: Building a Business Living Your Purpose: a spiritually-minded entrepreneur’s guide to creating a successful online business.


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