3 Major Signs That It’s Time to Take a Scary Leap of Faith in Your Purpose

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Before I tell you the 3 signs, I want you to know something: You’re ready to take a leap of faith in your purpose!

You wouldn’t be attracted to this article if you weren’t ready. Deep inside, you know that it’s time for you to more fully live your purpose, but parts of you are scared. That’s perfectly fine and normal. You’ll see that being scared is actually one of the three signs that you're ready to take a leap in your purpose.

Before you read any further, I want to make a deal with you. If at least one of the three signs resonates with you, I want you to take a step in the direction of living your purpose more fully...TODAY!


Ok, here are the 3 Signs:

1.  You’re Scared to Take Action Right Now

Fear is a sign that you’re getting closer to something that is meaningful. When my clients tell me that they’re not afraid, I tell them to think bigger because if they’re not afraid, they’re avoiding the bigger, more vulnerable picture of their purpose.

Fear is an important energy when it comes to your purpose and to manifestation. Fear is one half of the power you will use to fuel your purpose. Just like a battery needs positive and negative energy to power a light bulb, you need joy and fear to power the vision of your purpose.

If you’re experiencing fear around taking action, allow that fear to be, and know that it’s time to be afraid and take action anyway.


2.  You’re Feeling Unstable, Insecure, or Restless  in Your Professional Life

Many times when we’re avoiding a big step in our purpose, your life will begin to seem a bit shaky. Projects will fall through. Money will start running low. Certainty will be harder to access.

This is because the Universe is kicking you out from one phase of your life and into another. Everything must fall for the new to be born.

You can allow the old to crumble around you as you're taking a leap to your new phase of purpose or you can try and hold onto the old as it falls apart around you.

Your choice!


3. You Have an Idea of What You Want to Do, but You Don’t Have Full Clarity Yet.

This is one of the biggest signs. When it’s time to take a giant step in the direction of your purpose, you don’t get the full blueprint before you take the step. That would be too easy. The Universe likes to withhold details from you just to make sure that you’re willing and ready to stretch and surrender into the person your Soul needs you to be to more fully live your purpose and have a big impact on this planet.

If you feel like you have complete clarity, most likely you need to surrender more to the unknown because your Soul has a bigger vision for you that you’re not quite ready to see.

Taking a big leap into your purpose doesn’t always feel easy, but I invite you to trust that when you allow your intuition to guide you and your wisdom to support your decision making, you can’t go wrong. Your purpose is waiting for you to trust it and to take a leap to honor it.

Are you ready to trust and leap today?

If so, I would love to support you on that journey. Click here to watch my training on Build a Business Living Your Purpose: A Spiritual Entrepreneurs Guide to Creating a Successful Online Business.


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