3 Business Recommendations for Spiritually Minded Entrepreneurs that You Won't Learn in Biz School

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You’re a special type of entrepreneur. You’re spiritually minded and need different guiding principles of success than traditional entrepreneurs. In this article, I’m going to walk you through 3 different, important pieces of business advice that will support you in experiencing more abundance, satisfaction, and impact with a business that truly honors your purpose.

1. Create the Product that Wants to Be Created by You

Traditional business folks will tell you to create something that there is a demand for or that fixes a problem in the market.

I believe that those ideas are sound advice but, it doesn’t mean that they will work for you.

You’re a different kind of entrepreneur. You’re more intuitive and sensitive to energy. For your first few products and services, I invite you to listen to the ideas that come from within and create those instead of trying to study the market and worry about what your ideal client needs.

This will help you get started faster because there is typically more inspiration, energy, and motivation around ideas that come from within.

Also, if you think about all of the most impactful products in the world, most of them were created from an inner vision rather than only through a process of trying to fix a problem in the market. People didn’t fully know that they needed the technology of Apple & Microsoft before the PC or Macintosh was created. The world thought both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were crazy, but they had a vision that they were willing to give everything to see come to fruition.

2. Intuitively Price Your Products & Services

Traditional folks will tell you to do market research to understand what others are charging for similar products or services to yours. This is sound advice, but isn’t always the most aligned advice for spiritually minded entrepreneurs.

For your work to be as success as you’re ready for it to be, you have to be energetically aligned with the price of your product or service more so than a traditional entrepreneur. If not, you risk using pricing to sabotage your business instead of as a key that allows people to open the door of a transformational experience with you.

Instead of only doing market research, take a deep breath and ask inside, “What price does my product or service want to have?” Once you hear the price, if you can say it aloud without cringing or falling into a tailspin of fear, go with that price until it feels like it needs to change. You can always shift your prices when they no longer feel good.

Don’t let your pricing sabotage you from getting your products and services out into the hands of the people who need them the most.

Also remember that you’re selling something deeper than just a quick fix. You’re selling a solution from your heart that will have the power to touch someone and make their experience more powerful, peaceful, connected, and enjoyable. What kind of price tag does that have? It doesn’t have one because it’s invaluable.

3. If It Doesn’t Feel Good, You Might Want to Do It Anyway

This last piece of advice for spiritually minded entrepreneurs is actually different than what most spiritual people will advise you to do in your business. Most spiritually minded entrepreneurs believe that if there isn’t ease and flow in their business, then they’re doing something wrong.

The absence of ease and flow in your business could mean you need to course correct or it could be a feeling you have when you’re doing something that’s necessary to do before you can access the ease and flow.

When a task or project doesn’t feel good, don’t immediately ditch the task. Go inward and investigate to see if it’s just resistance that needs to be felt before you can access ease or if it’s actually time to take another path.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this resistance because I’m not aligned or because I’m afraid of accessing ease?
  • Is this resistance a phase of my business or is it a call to shift gears?
  • Am I being called to stay consistent and focused through the resistance or to let go?
  • Is there anything that can be tweaked emotional, mentally, or practically that can ease the resistance?
  • Is it ok for me to not like this task and still do it anyway for now?
  • Can I hold the tension of the resistance and continue moving forward?

All of the work in your business will not always feel like sunshine and rainbows. Get to know yourself and the seasons of your business to deeply understand if when you’re feeling resistance, it’s a necessary resistance or a call for you to change course.

I’d love to dive more into these pieces of advice for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs with you. Join me on my training: Building a Business Living Your Purpose: a spiritually-minded entrepreneur’s guide to creating a successful online business.


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