Is Your Vision Board Sabotaging You?


Don't get me wrong. I love vision boards. They have supported me in manifesting a couple 6 figure eCourses and coaching programs that give me an abundant life (see video below).

However, most conscious entrepreneurs don’t use vision boards as a business strategy. They use the vision board as a crutch. They give all their power to their vision board.

Are you doing that?

Did you start this year with intentions to follow your purpose, make money, live an abundant life, and get your business helping others going?

Are you visualizing?

Are you saying affirmations?

Are trusting that the Universe will provide?

Listen, those actions are important. However, they’re meaningless unless you do the real world work to create systems that catch your manifestations and breed synchronicity.

The Universe wants to help you, but you have to build the container to receive its help.

It’s like wanting to turn rain into drinking water, but you don’t put a bucket out to catch the rain when it falls.

There is so much synchronicity and magic happening around you. Are you catching it and experiencing it in your life?

I want to support you in building systems to catch your manifestations in your business.

This work doesn't always feel sexy, but it’s necessary ground work that 99% of conscious entrepreneurs neglect to do.

Let’s have a chat and see what systems you haven’t built yet to catch your manifestation.

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Big Love,


Here's a video from a retreat I just did in Escondido, CA. It was incredible. I'm so glad that I have the abundance to attend life changing, healing events like this one this past weekend.


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