Pleasure Manifestation Practice to Increase Abundance in Your Business


Sexual energy is one of the most important energies when it comes to manifesting.

Think about it. Sexual energy is a driving force behind one of the most complex and intricate manifestations known to humankind…birthing another human being.

That’s how powerful sexual energy is…you can create another human being!

Now imagine what you could do if you channeled your sexual energy to support you in building a successful business helping others.

I invite you to get curious and try this beautifully, pleasurably way to channel sexual energy to manifest more clients, money, and success.

Create a Pleasure Manifestation Practice

Remember, manifestation is all about vibration. When you’re in a high vibration, you attract high vibration manifestation such as abundance, success, joy, and peace. When you’re in a low vibration, you attract lower vibration manifestations such as struggle, rejection, suppression, and lack.

The next time you feel the high vibration of sexual or pleasurable energy, I invite you to:

  1. State your intentions out loud while having your pleasurable experience.
  2. Focus on the physical pleasure in your body AND the pleasure you will receive from having your manifestations come to fruition. In the state of pleasure, visualize yourself living your manifestations.
  3. Take a concrete, real world step to bring your manifestations to fruition. Allow the vibration of pleasure to draw your manifestations closer and closer to your reality.

IMPORTANT: Just like any other manifestation tool, the pleasure manifestation practice doesn’t work alone. You have to continue doing the real world work to catch your manifestations. Allow the pleasure to shift your vibration and then use that energy to build solid systems in your business that help you create and catch all of the abundance you desire. 

If you need some support with building these systems or you want to chat about how to move through blocks to manifesting more clients and abundance, click here to apply to have a chat with me: Book a Free Call with Lloyd.


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