Three Reasons My Business Survived 5 Months of Being Stuck in Morocco (because of the pandemic)

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I’m writing this article from a train going from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Why is this detail important?

Because I’m finally back in the US after being stuck in Casablanca, Morocco for 5 months due to the corona virus pandemic.

When Morocco sealed off their borders, most vacationers panicked because they had no way of getting back home to their families and jobs.

I panicked a little because I wasn’t used to a government telling me that I can’t travel. However, I wasn’t too worried about not seeing my family and friends because they’re used to me picking up and leaving for months at a time.

Also, I wasn’t worried about my business because for years, I had been unknowingly making my business pandemic proof.

As I sit here typing and watching the Southern California coastline whirl by, I want to share with you 3 reasons my business has survived the pandemic and is actually starting to thrive even more.

1.  I Automate EVERYTHING

If there is one gift you can give to yourself, let it be the gift of automation. When you automate your business, you don’t have to show up to work everyday and perform tasks that can easily be done by systems, support, and software.

I have automated webinars, eCourses, memberships sites, blog & social media posts, scheduling, and sales call generators.

There were quite a few days during the last 5 months when I needed to take a lot of personal days to deal with the stress of this ever changing world & my fears about how everything is unfolding.

I was able to do this because I have systems in place that run even when I’m freaking out in a tail spin of fear. (I seriously convinced myself that I had Corona at least once a month and created symptoms that would go away in a day once I realized it was all in my head.)

2.  I Feel My Fears & Emotions Deeply

When you fully surrender to your fears by expressing them, they typically consume you for just a short amount of time. This is because fear is an energy that wants to be acknowledged, expressed, and released.

However, if you try to suppress your fears, they will steal bits and pieces of your attention & focus away from taking care of business and making sure your business survives tough times.

Over the last five months, I’ve experienced a lot of fear. The main fear was of uncertainty. Easing into uncertainty is a lesson that has been wanting my full attention this year, especially since March.

Each time this fear grabbed my attention, it pulled me away from productivity and creativity in my business. If I didn’t fully surrender to the fear and actually feel it deeply (cry, scream, journal, explore & investigate with the parts of me who were afraid), then I would be unfocused and uninspired for days in my business.

However, when I surrendered to the fear and dug deep into it, I felt the energy and allowed myself to come to big insights and realizations that fueled my personal and professional growth.

It always feels easier to just ignore fear, however, it costs more in productivity and creativity to ignore it than to actually honor, explore, and feel the vulnerability of it.

3. I Asked For Help

This is a big one for me. I like to do everything on my own. That’s why I have been an entrepreneur for my entire professional life after college.

However, over the years, I’ve been learning that if I want to have a major impact on this planet, I need to ask for help. I need a community that supports me and helps me spread my work.

Over the course of the pandemic, I had to more deeply rely on my assistant, friends, and family. There were a lot of things that I couldn’t do from where I was and I needed to the support to be able to accomplish them.

Today, I invite you to ask yourself some questions:

Have these last months been difficult for you professionally?

Is it time to fully honor your purpose in a way that is pandemic proof?

Do you want support stepping into the fullness of your purpose and making your work durable and effective through difficult situations?

If you answer yes to these questions, I invite you to comment below and then check out my new webinar, Build a Business Living Your Purpose: A Spiritual Entrepreneurs Guide to Creating a Successful Online Business.

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