The Rules of Abundance

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Abundance Is More than Money

The first thing to understand about abundance is that it is more than just money. Abundance means a large quantity of something. Most people who want more financial abundance convince themselves that they are in lack because they focus solely on financial abundance in their bank accounts. If you cannot connect to the abundance all around you in all of its forms, it will be hard to have an abundant foundation or mindset that will attract more abundance, especially in the financial form.

Give More of What You Want

To begin the flow of the specific form of abundance that you want to receive, give it first and watch as it organically comes back to you in return. If you want to experience more love, love someone unconditionally. If you want to experience more financial abundance, support someone in experiencing financial abundance by giving to them. If you want to welcome more furniture in your house, give your current furniture away to others to make space for the new.

As you give, you prime the pump of abundance, and it begins to return back to you what you have offered and more.

Honor Abundance Everywhere

Gratitude is important because it influences your vibration. Vibration is the speed at which energy moves. If you have a low vibration, your energy moves slowly. It’s heavy and stagnant. For an example, boredom is a low vibration energy. When you’re bored, the energy of time moves slowly. Excitement is a high vibration energy. When you’re excited, the energy of time moves very fast.

Have you heard the saying, “like attracts like”?l It means that the same vibration of energy that you cultivate in your life, will be what you experience from the Universe.

If you live in reverence to the inherently abundant nature of the Universe, you will attract like energy from the Universe.

As you walk down the street, notice the abundance of air, clouds, insects, buildings, sand, people, flowers, grass, plants, or whatever you can allow yourself to see. Recognize, honor, and offer gratitude for all forms of abundance and watch how your energy attunes to the same frequency of abundance which will allow you to more easily access the current abundance in your life and attract even more forms of it.

Say, “Yes” to the Flow

Abundance may look differently than you expect. For this reason, many people reject abundance that is offered to them because it doesn’t look how their mind has defined the abundance that they want to receive.

Growing up, my mother used to tell me a story about a man and a flood that perfectly explains how we oftentimes reject abundance.

A flood began to overtake a man’s house. He prayed to God to come and save him. A stranger came to his house and offered him a ride to higher ground. The man politely declined by saying, “I’m waiting on God to save me.”

The flood grew higher and overtook the first floor of the man’s home. A boat sailed by and the driver offered the man a space on it. The man politely declined and said, “I’m waiting on God to save me.”

The flood overtook the man’s house, and trapped on the roof, one last time, the man prayed for God to come and save him. A helicopter flew by and threw down a ladder to save the man from his roof. The man politely declined the invitation by saying, “I’m waiting on God to save me.”

The man drowned in the flood, and when he arrived before God in heaven, he asked, “God, why didn’t you come down and save me?”

God looked him in the eyes and said, “I tried to save you three times, but you politely declined my invitation.”

Even if abundance doesn’t look the way you think it should, don’t politely decline. Say, “Yes” to the flow.

Heal Addiction to Lack

This may sound strange, but many people are addicted to being in lack. Lack is an identity that they claim and have learned to use to get what they believe they want. They use it as a way of trying to get abundance, love, connection, and attention. These people often learn from a young age that when you don’t have something, people will feel bad for you and give you attention, which feels like the only way to experience love or support.

Therefore, these people cling to the identity of lack because it’s how they get small glimpses of the experience of love.

Are you addicted to the identity of lack? Do you like the attention you get from being in lack? Does it feel safer to not have than to have? Have you built a community around lack? Do you belong to a culture that celebrates lack.

If you find that you’re addicted to lack and want to begin experiencing more abundance, recognize that addiction and begin to teach yourself a new truth. You are worthy of love when you are in lack AND when you are abundant. Get curious about the fear of what will be left if you relinquish your identity of lack. Build the courage to let go of what you know to be safe and jump into the uncertainty of releasing your identity of lack to welcome new expressions of your vast abundant nature.

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