3 Questions to Break Through Lack of Clarity Around Your Purpose

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When I hear people say, “I don’t know what my purpose is,” I know that it's not a completely accurate statement. A more accurate statement for someone who doesn't have clarity around their purpose is:

"I know my purpose, but I’m afraid to be crystal clear about my purpose because then I would have to act on my purpose and risk failure, judgement, and rejection. I'm scared to know the fullness of my purpose."

Sound about right?!?!

Your purpose is always available to you. It's waiting for you to be willing to see its fullness and courageous enough to act on it.

Today, if you’re feeling the courage bubbling within and are ready to break through any feelings of lack of clarity, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions to access the information around your purpose that is quietly waiting for you.


1.  If I knew that I would be safe financially, physically, and emotionally no matter what, what would I be doing as my purpose right now?

In a perfect world, you could easily access and act upon your purpose. However, in your current world, there are fears and obstacles that will keep you from clearly experiencing the energy of your purpose.

This question will help you temporarily put aside any fears about living your purpose that may be blocking your clarity.

We often allow our fears of a future that doesn't exist to occupy the space for clarity in our minds. When we clear this space of fears, it creates more room to access the clarity that you desire. 


2.  If I do that (the answer from question #1), what am I afraid will happen to me and my relationships?

After you get an answer from the first question. Follow up with, "If I do that, what am I afraid will happen to me and my relationships?"

For an example, if in the first question you heard something like, "I would be teaching people how to live a Yoga lifestyle."

In this second question, ask yourself, "If I were teaching people to live a Yoga lifestyle, what am I afraid will happen to me and my relationships?" 

I would go broke.
My family would think I'm selfish for taking the time to change careers.
My parents would judge me for not being as religious as they want me to be.
People would think I'm a fraud.

Allow all of your fears to come to the surface. It's hard to work through fears that are hiding in your subconscious. Bring them to your conscious mind so that you have an opportunity to work through them.

You will most likely see that as you bring your fears from the dark to light, they begin to dissolve with greater ease.


3.  Would I do this if I weren’t getting paid for it?

This last question is an important one. Your purpose is different from your job. It doesn't make sense to go to your job if you're not getting paid.

However, your purpose is different.  It's something that sustains you with or without a salary. Your purpose is something that you do because it's what you're here to do and not necessarily what you're here to get paid to do.

With that said, I believe that it's possible and quite easy to monetize any purpose and make an incredibly abundant living by courageously living your purpose.

However, money cannot be the sole driving force of your purpose. If it is, I invite you to take another look within for something that motivates you from deeper aspect of your being.

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