3 Ways to Manifest More Time & Space to Work on Your Purpose

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I'm sure you have experienced this before. You sit down to focus on yourself and all of a sudden, everybody in the world wants your attention.

Whether it's because you have a full time job, studies, family, or other responsibilities that are constantly requiring your attention, it's not easy to set aside time to build a successful business around your purpose.  

Even though it may not always be easy, it's necessary and possible to create the space even when it feels impossible.

Through the years, I have had to dissolve and move through many distractions to get my successful business up and running. Here are the quickest ways that I have learned to manifest the time I need to focus on my business and purpose:

1.  Acknowledge Your Fears
This may sound like it has nothing to do with making time to focus on your purpose, but it's actually the most important thing you can do. Find any parts of you that are afraid of successfully getting your purpose up and running.

Ask yourself: If I have more than enough time to successfully set up my business around my purpose, I'm afraid that...

You're going to be surprised by the fears that show up. If you don't bring these fears to the surface, they will subconsciously attract distractions to "protect" you from setting up your successful business around your purpose.

2.  Set Boundaries
This is one of the hardest parts of creating time to focus on your purpose. It requires you to firmly set boundaries with people that you love so that you can create a space for uninterrupted creativity & inspiration.

Try this:

Hey {insert name}, you're important to me and I cherish the time we spend together. So that I can be fully present with you when we're together, I need 3 hours to work on my purpose. If I don't get this work done, part of me will be thinking about it while we're together and being 100% present when I with you is really important to me.

3.  Give Up Something for a Specific Amount of Time
Sacrifice is an important element in success. Most people think sacrifice is important because they believe that there isn't enough time in the day. However, I invite you to think of it from a different perspective.

There's an abundance of time and energy to do everything that I want at the appropriate time.  And I want to concentrate and intensify my energy on my purpose because now is the appropriate time for me to build a business around my gifts. Therefore, I'm going to shift energy from something else in my life to my purpose for right now.

This sacrifice will free up space for your purpose and intensify your drive and determination to get things done!

If you want to practice creating some time and space, come to one of my free trainings on Building a Business Around Your Purpose.



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