3 Ways to Manifest More Money While Building Your Purpose

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Starting a business around your purpose is a financial risk. It's scary because there is a building process that takes time. There is no certainty that your purpose will bring in money as fast as you want it to.

I have coached people who took a year to start making the amount of money they wanted to feel comfortable. I have also coached even MORE people who reach profitability even faster than they expected.

While you're taking the leap into starting a business around your purpose, it's important to attract enough income so that you can create your business from a place of heart rather than a place of survival. (Desperation to pay the rent repels success!)

Here are my 3 favorite ways to quickly manifest money as you're diving into your purpose and making it profitable:

1. Don't Quit Your Job (yet)

I know what it feels like to show up to a job everyday and feel like you're dying a little inside whenever you walk through the office door. The struggle is real during that transition period when you know that you're meant to be doing something other than what you're currently doing.

However, I invite you to hold onto your income until you're profitable in your purpose.

While working your job, commit to your purpose and be very clear with yourself about your intentions. Write down your goal of when it will feel safest to your nervous system to quit your job and focus full time on your purpose. Howe much income has to be coming in from your purpose or how much do you have to have saved to feel safe enough to focus full time on your purpose?

Make a plan with specifics, and every day you walk into that office, allow the hope and fire of your intention to keep you sane while working in the job that no longer satisfies you.

2. Directly Ask for Support

There are two myths that many people believe that keep them from receiving easy financial support from others who want to support them.

A. You feel like you have to do everything on our own for it to be valid or praiseworthy.

B. You believe that you have to struggle in the beginning to earn your right to be successful.

Listen, starting a purpose driven business is a lot of work. You need to welcome support so that you can stand in the fullness of your purpose. You're actually not meant to do you purpose alone. There are people you attract into your life that add pieces to the puzzle of your purpose. One of those pieces could be financial support as you build.

Directly and clearly ask for financial support from your loved ones and friends. Give them an opportunity to feel the blessing of being generous. You will most likely hear some "no's", but there is a high probability that at least one person will want to support you as you reach for your purpose.

Ask for help. You deserve it. 

3. Get a Side Hustle

A naive way of looking at building a business around your purpose is that once you decide to live your purpose, the money will come. This is true, but the whole truth is that you have to co-create with the Universe to make that money flow. One of the easiest ways to co-create money with the Universe while you're building your purposed fueled business is to get a side hustle.

A side hustle is anything you can do on the side to generate income without sacrificing too much precious time and energy that needs to be focused on your purpose.

In the gig economy, there are so many different ways to earn money while you build your business. Find that way that feels most congruent with your situation, hold the part of you that may feel above that type of work, and earn some money while continuing to reach for your purpose.

If you want some support taking your purpose to profitability and MORE, join me for my free training:

Building a Business Living Your Purpose.

We're going to dive into the healing and strategic steps you need to take to get your purpose fueled business up and running as soon as possible so that you don't need to attract income from other sources than your purpose.



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