It's Your Responsibility to Be Wealthy & to Impact More People (here's how to fulfill that responsibility)

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You have two responsibilities as a person on this planet here to help others:

Your first responsibility is to be wealthy and your second responsibility is to help as many people as possible without sacrificing yourself.

The definition of service to others is changing. Before, being of service was associated with sacrifice, selflessness, and being a martyr for a just cause.

We are evolving out of that definition into a more holistic win-win definition of service. When you help others, you not only experience a sense accomplishment because you are doing good on the planet, but also you can thrive financially and accumulate resources that give you access to more experiences in life, which in turn inspire you to be more of service.

To support you in accessing this new version of service, you must begin using the technological resources of the modern healer. The most important resource is automation.

Automation harnesses the power of technology to organize and implement the necessary tasks to reach more people with you support while providing you with more abundance, time, and space to explore and enjoy your human experience.

When you automate your service to others, you can accomplish two important milestones of the modern healer:

  1. You get energized by helping more people instead of feeling drained. You have more free time to rest, rejuvenate, relax into creativity and inspiration because you don’t have to physically be present all of the time with the people you are here to support. Technology works for you so that you have more time and space for your human experience.
  2. You decouple abundance and time. The abundance you accumulate no longer corresponds to the amount of hours you spend helping others. Technology carries your healing work farther and without the need for stopping or resting. You can literally sleep while the energy of your healing work makes an impact on the lives of the people you’re here to support, while attracting more abundance for you.

It’s time for you to embrace the path of the modern day healer and use the power of automation to support you in helping more people and accessing the abundance that you deserve to experience.

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