Best Resources to Create a Profitable & Stunning eCourse on a Small Budget

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I created my first eCourse in my bathroom with zero budget, and it generated more than $2k in the first 90 minutes of launching. (I explain why I did it in my bathroom in this free 3 part training series.

When you're ready to start generating some passive income by helping more people heal, I invite you to do two things:

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Lloyd's eCourse Creation Resource List for Creating a Stunning eCourse on a Small Budget.

Here is everything you will need to create a stunning eCourse. I recommend that you start with all of my free resources first and then graduate to the paid resources. Version 1.0 of your eCourse should be as easy and cheap as possible. After you get more comfortable with creating, you can make a version 2.0 with a bigger production. 

1.  Audio

2.  Video

  • 💻Your computer camera (free)
  • 📱 Your cellphone camera (free. You will need to purchase a cellphone tripod that fits your cellphone.)
  • 📸 My favorite video camera to use is the Canon Rebel T5i with articulated (swivel) screen. It’s really important to have an articulated screen so that if you are recording yourself, you can see the screen as you’re recording. ($700 + You will also need to purchase a tripod.)

3. Background for Video

  • 🏠 Any room in your house (away from a wall to minimize shadows)
  • Zoom Backgrounds (Zoom makes it pretty easy to change your background without a green screen. However, it may distort your image a little AND it may be difficult to edit this video in some editing programs due to the way zoom records it videos. It's something complicated about the frame count.)
  • Green Screen (Use this if you want to change your background digitally in post production. This is for advanced creators!)
  • White wall with light on wall (This is one of my favorite ways of recording video. You stand about 3 ft away from the wall and place a lamp right behind you. It creates a cool lighting effect and minimizes shadows.)

Examples of Video

In the video below, I used a white wall with a lamp right behind me to minimize shadow and to create a more professional background look. The camera is a Canon Rebel T5i. The microphone is the RODELink Lavalier. Yes, I forgot to edit out the plug in the background lol!

In this video, I used my MacBook Pro built in camera and microphone. I'm recording in my closet using a zoom background so that you can't see my shoes and clothes in the background!

In this video, I'm using the Fancier Studio Lighting Kit for lighting, the RODELink Lavalier for sound, and an iPhone 6 Plus for video.

For this video, I'm using a simple ring light for lighting, my MacBook Pro for video and the Blue Yeti for Sound. I have a green screen and edited out the background using Screenflow so that I could change the background to a slide I created in Apple Keynote (Powerpoint).

4.  Sound Mixer (editing) Program

  • 🎶 My favorite sound mixing software is Apple Garage Band. It’s easy to use, intuitive and great for creating audio recordings such as lessons, meditations, or podcasts.
  • 🎼 Microsoft Audacity is also a good sound mixer.
  • 👩‍💻 The easiest thing to do if you don't feel tech savvy enough to sound mix is to create the audio file (on your voice memos on your phone). Go on and find a sound mixer who you feel will do a good job for you. Pay between $5-$100 to get your sound recordings edited (Trim the beginning and end. Clear out static. Add music. etc)

5.  Video Editing Program

  • Screen Flow is a video editing program for Macs. It is my favorite video editing tool. ($129)
  • iMovie for Mac
  • Quicktime (simple trimming)
  • Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut, Hitfilm Express (Typically free)

6.  Screen Recording Program

  • My favorite screen recording program is Screen Flow. This program is a very comprehensive video editing program. It does have a learning curve, but is everything that you will need to record your screen for instructional videos.
  • Screencast-O-Matic($1.50 +/mo.)
  • You can now record your computer screen on a mac. Go here for more info: Screen Recording on Mac

7.  Lighting for Photos & Videos 

  • ☀️ Natural Light + Lamps from around your house. This isn’t the most sophisticated setup, but it will get the job done. Position the light source in front of you rather than behind you for the best quality. If you are using natural light from a window, make sure the window is in front of you instead of behind you unless you have special equipment to offset the back light.
  • 💡 My favorite lighting equipment is Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit Softbox. It’s a very basic/affordable option to get good light in your videos or photos. ($130 +)
  • A simple ring light can work wonders ($30+)

7.  Graphic Design  

  • 🐒 My favorite graphic design programs are PicMonkey*. It is easy to use and very comprehensive. (free + a premium version)
  • 🎨 Canva (free + a premium version)

8.  Scheduling Tool

  • 📆 My favorite scheduling tool is Acuity. ($0-$50/mo)
  • 🗓 Calendly ($0-$12/mo)

9. CRM

  • My favorite CRM is Simplero*. It is an all in one customer relationship management software. You can create a website, membership site, eCourses, landing pages, and many more things for your business with Simplero. It also integrates a merchant processor to charge for your eCourse. (pricing depends on your list size)
  • Ontraport & Kajabi (depends on list size and functionality you desire, but these can be quite pricey)
  • Teachable or Udemy. These aren't full CRMs, but they allow you to host eCourses and digital products. (If you are deciding between using an eLearning platform or a CRM and need some help deciding which direction to take, please ask this question in one of your coaching sessions.)

With these basic resources, you can create a stunning eCourse that generates passive income & helps a lot of people heal with your wisdom. 

If you want some support with this process, check out my free 3 part video series: How to Launch an eCourse that Generates Passive Income & Helps People Heal

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*My affiliate link. I earn commission on sales. 


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