5 Things that You Must Do Before the New Year to Make Sure You Get What You Want

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After such a tough year, it’s time for a change in energy. It’s time for you to get what you consciously want. It’s time for you to experience more abundance, love, satisfaction, and connection.

2020 has been preparing you to clear out anything that doesn’t serve you so that you can access your heart’s deepest desires.

It’s time to get ready to consciously manifest what you want and receive it.

Here are 5 Things that You Must Do Before the New Year to Make Sure You Get What You Want:

1.  Detox

You must get rid of what no longer serves you to make space for what you want to receive. Imagine your life is a container that is full to the top. Nothing else can fit in your container right now because it’s full. Release all the things that no longer serve you so that you can make some room for all of the things you want to experience?

You can detox any aspect of your life:

  • Body
  • Relationships
  • Material Possessions

Detox whatever needs to be release so that you can make space for all the new juicy experiences of 2021.

2.  Set Intentions

Intentions are like Google Maps. They show you the way and keep you on track on the journey of life.

What do you want to experience in 2021?
What do you want to feel?

It’s important to get crystal clear on what you’re available for and not available for. You’ll have an easier time consciously co-creating your reality with the Universe if you’re clear about what you want.

3.  Investigate Your Intentions

Setting your intentions is only half the game. After you set them, you have to investigate them to make sure they’re coming from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack.

For an example, if you set an intention that you want to have a successful online business. Start asking yourself some questions about this intention to investigate the energy.

  • What am I afraid will happen if I don’t have a successful online business?
  • What am I afraid people will say or think about me if I’m not successful?

If the answers to your questions sound anything like: I’m afraid people won’t take me seriously or will think that I’m a failure. I’m afraid I’ll go broke and it will confirm that I’m not good enough.

Your intentions are coming from an energy of lack, and the Universe speaks in energy. It mirrors back to you the energy that you radiate.

Know the energy of your intentions so that you can shift them from lack to abundance.

4.  Set Up a Manifestation Community

In many spiritual and religious traditions, community is at the center of manifesting your desires. 

For an example, in Christianity, the Bible says: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

This is because we intensify our manifestation power in community. We’re all one and when we unite with a common focus, we go from the individual “One” to the collective “One. There is a lot more power in the collective than in the individual.

Create a community that supports you in holding your intentions and bringing them to fruition. 

If you’re really ready to shift your energy and experience more of what you consciously want to experience, I invite you to get started on these four steps today.

I’m going to be offering something special soon to support you in consciously manifesting your desires faster and with getter efficiency. Stay tuned and stay safe!


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