You Have a Responsibility to Be Wealthy. 


Did you know that: You have a responsibility to be wealthy. 

Think about it. Who better to have 10 million dollars?

You, a conscious person with a desire to make this world a better place.


Someone else who only wants to accumulate money out of power or fear.

Can you imagine the difference you could make in this world if you were incredibly wealthy?

We’re beginning a new phase of evolution where the economy is changing.  Those who want to make the world a more loving,...

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Some People Can Be @ssholes

It is inevitable. Some people will not like you or what you’re doing in the world and voice their opinion in a mean spirited way.

Is this one of the reasons you don't allow yourself to fully commit to the vastness of your purpose? The energy of your purpose is so authentically you that if anybody offers mean-spirited criticism, it feels as if they are rejecting you personally and not your work.

I just talked to a group of entrepreneurs who are working to build podcasts, programs, and...

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Are you manifesting like an adult or a child?

A part of me is nervous that you will feel judgement in this question: Are you manifesting like an adult or a child?

My intention is not to be judgmental. My intention is to support you in seeing the truth about your beliefs around manifestation and support you in evolving to a place where you can consciously and consistently manifest more abundance, love, and satisfaction.

We all are part of a growth process, and manifesting like a child is an absolutely necessary part of your journey.


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Do you know your core manifestation energy?

do you know.jpg

Hey...Do you know your core manifestation energy?  It's either: Masculine or Feminine.

Both are incredibly important in the manifestation process.

Feminine manifestation energy allows you to receive your intentions. It supports you in healing wounds or patterns that block you from receiving or that cause you to subconsciously repel what you really want.

Masculine manifestation energy allows you to tap into inspired action so that you can do the “right” thing and be...

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3 Things I Do When I Want to Give Up

I want to give up.jpg

Someone just asked me a very powerful question:

“Lloyd, how do you personally keep showing up in your purpose when things aren’t going well?”

This is an important question because the desire to give up and hide is something that still pops up for me. It’s not always easy living your purpose, especially when you feel like the Universe isn’t supporting you.

These are the 3 things I do to keep going even when I want to give up:

1.  I get support.


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I Had No Access to Fear for 48 Hours. This Is What I Learned.


What do you think your life would look like if you weren’t ever afraid of anything? I had a rare and unexpected opportunity to experience a fearless life for about 48 hours. In these 48 hours, I had no access to the emotion or energy of fear. It was gone. I couldn’t find it, and it felt as if it had never existed for me.

This experience happened at a healing retreat. In the middle of a breath and body work session, the facilitator invited me to move more deeply into a posture that...

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Fulfilling Your Purpose Without Struggle

You’re done struggling. You can relax now. You don’t need to struggle, hurt, or go through pain to experience more money, love, connection, and fulfillment.

Your intentions want to come to you through a new currency exchange.

The old currency exchange was:

Healing your: Wounding + Trauma + Fear + Struggle = Transformation, Growth, Abundance, Love, & Connection

The new currency exchange is:

Consciously living your Purpose and sharing your raw, authentic self through joy, love,...

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Afraid of Abundance, Love, & Success

Have you metblog.jpg

Manifestation isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

There are parts of us who have learned to be afraid of abundance, love, and success.

When we don’t support these parts in their healing, no matter how many vision boards we make, we energetically block the flow of the things we want most.

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How Long Does It Take to Heal Emotional, Physical, or Fear Patterns

healing is instant Blog.png

Sometimes it feels like it's going to take forever to heal emotional pain, physical pain, or deeply ingrained patterns of lack and struggle.

Today, I invite you to consider that healing is instantaneous, but it may take your human senses some time to feel it.

Notice your healing even if you can't see or feel it. Give your body, mind, and spirit praise for its incredible self-healing abilities.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge your inherent self-healing abilities, your human senses will...

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