Welcome to Reorganizing the Energy of Procrastination.

This program is for you if you're ready to dive deep into your healing work and shift out of patterns of procrastination and into the flow of your rawest, most unique, and authentic creativity.

The intention of this program is to support you in gaining a deep understanding of why you procrastinate so that you can reorganize the energy of procrastination into something more productive and supportive of your creative process.

We will NOT be getting rid of procrastination or using force to be productive.

We will be reorganizing the energy of fear & procrastination so that it can organically trigger a wave of inspiration that flows with ease.

We're going to use the energy that most people try to get rid of to support you in opening the floodgates of your creativity and productivity.

Reorganizing the Energy of Procrastination eCourse includes:

  • Video Classes: Learn the dynamics of fear and procrastination so that you can begin the reorganization & healing process. You have to be aware of the patterns to be able to shift them.
  • Audio Visualizations: The visualizations will guide you through a process of reorganizing the energy of fear & procrastination into a wave of inspiration that allows you to organically produce.
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts
  • Access to my healing community FB group
I'm Ready to Reorganize the Energy of Procrastination!