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  • Do you get nervous or feel awkward selling your product or services?

  • Have you ever felt afraid of being perceived as pushy or sleazy when selling?

  • Do you sometimes undervalue your services or give too much because you're scared people will think you're not good enough or not offering enough?

  • Do you sometimes give away your products or services for free because you're afraid to charge

  • Are you tired of getting so many "No's" or "Not right now" when you offer your amazing products and services 


Selling can be awkward, especially when you're selling something that is high vibration or related to health and healing.

However, sales are the lifeline of your business. You need to sell to keep your business functioning.

AND you need to keep your business functioning to continue making a big impact and helping people who need your help the most.

Nowadays, it can feel difficult to sell your products and services because potential clients carry a lot of resistant from having experienced inauthentic and often inappropriate sales tactics in the past.

Potential clients typically show up to sales conversations "armored up" with resistance and not very open to hearing about what you have to offer.

When you add your selling insecurities and fears of being too pushy or sleazy to the conversation, it makes it almost impossible to sell your services.

This is a problem because you have a gift that your client needs AND you have to sell your gift to live the life you want to live.

I want to support you with overcoming your selling insecurities and fears & show you how to dissolve client resistance so that you can get your products & services into the hands of more clients who desperately need to say YES to your gifts.


Selling with Integrity & Skill

an eCourse for coaches & practitioners to clear blocks around selling and learn a powerful, congruent sales strategy that attracts clients & abundance.

In this holistic eCourse, I’m going to support you in two areas that will help you get more potential clients to say: “Hell Yes!”.

The first area is Internal Sales Blocks

  • If you don't clear internal sales blocks such as insecurities, worthiness issues, and lack of confidence, it doesn't matter what formula you use. Your sales will be inconsistent and repel potential clients. 

The second area is Sales Skills:

  • There is a flow and formula to successful sales conversations. In the course, you're going to learn proven strategies & formulas that will increase your client purchase rate.

When you finish this eCourse, you will know how to:

  • Connect with your potential clients in a genuine way that is designed to establish an authentic connection AND Sell you Your Services

  • Know when a potential client's "No" comes from their ego or truth and what to do about it without dishonoring their decision.

  • Reverse the energy of the sales conversation so that it becomes more about you interviewing your potential client to see if they are a fit for your services rather than you "auditioning for a sale". This skill will improve your ease and confidence in the conversation.

  • Put your potential client at ease so that they can lower their guard and become more receptive to your sale.

  • Build confidence in your sales abilities and sense of worthiness to receive so that you don’t emotionally and financially depend on your potential client’s “yes”

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