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What Is Expansion Training & Mentorship Program?

Expansion is a Training & Mentorship Community where you will quickly learn how to:

  • Harness the power of your fear & self-doubt so that you can use it to attract more abundance, satisfaction, & success living your purpose


  • Get crystal clarity on your purpose so that you can have a bigger impact on this planet & be incredibly abundant doing what you love


  • Remove resistance, blocks, or barriers to consciously creating your reality so that you can stop wishing for your intentions and experience them 


This program is designed to show you the highest version of yourself so that you can create a life of more impact, abundance, satisfaction, and success living your purpose.


3 Reasons Why Is It So Different & Effective!

1. You Will Learn How to Harness the Power of Your Fear, Self-Doubt, and Procrastination.

If you are destined to create a BIG & IMPACTFUL life, you will inevitably experience more fear, self-doubt, and procrastination than most people.

Most programs will teach you to get over your fear, stop procrastinating & just do it! 

If that approached worked, you wouldn't be reading this!

The truth is, you experience resistance and fear because you have a juicy and very impactful vision hidden right underneath your fear.

You just have to learn how to harness the energy that most people tell you to suppress and use it to your advantage.

Fear, self-doubt, and procrastination are not meant to keep you stuck.

They are energy to support you in making your intentions reality.

Don't Waste the Energy of Fear, Self-Doubt, & Procrastination. Harness It!


2. You Will Create Abundance, Success, & Love in Your Physical World, Not Just In Your Mind.

You know how to set intentions and experience them in your mind during your meditation and visualization practice. This skill is important because it helps relax your body, it de-stresses your mind, and it makes you feel less anxious and ungrounded.

However, are you experiencing your intentions in your physical world? Are you receiving tangible money? Are you having measurable success?

In Expansion, not only do you learn how to experience peace and abundance in your mind world, but also in your physical world. 

There is so much physical abundance in this world that you can use to buy things, experience more freedom shopping, travel, etc. It's your time to not only visualize your intentions, but to actually touch and experience the tangible expression of your intentions in your physical reality.

In Expansion, we focus on:

  • attracting physical world money that you can spend!
  • experiencing physical world success that you can see, touch, and measure
  • feeling deep physical world connection that you can touch with your hands and feel with your heart

3. Organizing the Energy of Your Purpose so that You have a Big Impact on the Planet & Receive Big Abundance & Success in Exchange for Living Your Purpose to the Fullest.

Expansion is NOT about putting an order into the cosmic catalogue and waiting, hoping, and wishing for it to come true. That doesn't work the way most people believe, and it's not fulfilling in the way most people want it to be.

Expansion is about getting crystal clear on your purpose and organizing it in a way that makes a big impact on your life and the lives of the people who need your gifts the most. 

When you're clear on your purpose and you organize the energy of your purpose in the most effective and efficient way, the energy of your purpose attracts more abundance, success, and satisfaction than you could ever ask for.

Your courage to say YES to your purpose will be rewarded with the support of the Universe/Source/God!

Your willingness to take inspired action and expand into the highest version of yourself will be rewarded with physical world abundance, success, and satisfaction. 


What's Included in the Expansion Mentorship Program


Get Powerful Mentorship & Coaching

Me and my facilitators will meet with you twice a month in online events to coach and train you through creating more abundance, success, and satisfaction. 

It's my mission to make sure that you get exactly what you need and that you get to experience all the abundance, success, and satisfaction your heart has the capacity to experience...and then MORE!

The way I know best to support you is to consistently show up for you and answer your questions, coach you, guide you, and keep you accountable to your intentions.

As a member of the Expansion Community, you will be invited every two weeks to get support live. There will be a mix of live coaching demonstrations, Q&A sessions, trainings, and live podcast recordings that I will invite you to join me in.


Let's Consistently Do the Work to Create Your Reality Together

Creating your reality isn't about making a vision board in January and then forgetting about it. It also isn't about setting intentions every new moon and then not following up with inspired action.

Creating a reality that is full of abundance, success, and satisfaction takes showing up everyday and being the most expanded version of yourself that you have access to.

That is why I'm committed to providing you with a new, deep, life shaking trainings twice a month that will continue to stretch your capacity to create your reality and welcome more of everything that you want.

You will get access to TWO NEW Thought Gym trainings every month.

These trainings are like going to the gym. If you consistently show up and do the work, you will experience result.


Get Full Access to Powerful Trainings & eCourses

As an Expansion Community Member, you will have access to my archive of eCourses to support you on your journey. These eCourses are powerful and famous for supporting people in getting what they want faster than ever.

You'll get instant and unlimited access to:

Manifestation for Entrepreneurs: a 4 week course to attract more clients, make a bigger impact, and manifest more abundance in exchange for your gifts

Awake Manifestation: a 4 week course to manifest more abundance, success, & love

Reorganizing the Energy of Procrastination: an unconventional way to harness the energy of procrastination and make the floodgates of creativity and productive bust wide open

Selling with Integrity & Skill: a course to clear sales blocks and learn a powerful, congruent sales strategy that attracts clients and abundance


Exclusive Invitations & Discounts to Work with Lloyd in Person

 The work I do online is powerful. The work I do online is life altering. 

As an Expansion Member, you will receive exclusive invites and discounts to meet me in person and do powerful work in workshops and live events.

You will be the first to know about upcoming live, in person events and will have an opportunity to reserve tickets before they are released to the public.

What's the Investment

We want to make this program as accessible as possible. That is why we provide two options: Low Monthly Payments or Big Savings on a Yearly Subscription. Cancel your subscription at any time with NO Questions Asked!

Low Monthly


per month
  • 2 Live Online Events with Group Coaching Every Month
  • 2 New Trainings Released Every Month
  • Full eCourse Access
  • Manifestation for Entrepreneurs
  • Awake Manifestation
  • Selling with Integrity & Skill
  • Reorganizing the Energy of Procrastination
  • Exclusive Invitations & Discounts to Work with Lloyd in Person
Most Popular (save 20% with a year subscription)

Best Value


per year
  • 2 Live Online Events with Group Coaching Every Month
  • 2 New Trainings Released Every Month
  • Full eCourse Access
  • Manifestation for Entrepreneurs
  • Awake Manifestation
  • Selling with Integrity & Skill
  • Reorganizing the Energy of Procrastination
  • Exclusive Invitations & Discounts to Work with Lloyd in Person

Cancel Anytime Guarantee

Listen, I'm not going to hold you hostage! If you know that it's time for you to leave the Expansion Training & Mentorship Program, cancel before your next payment with ease & no questions asked.

You can cancel on your own in "Your Profile" or by sending my team an email 2 business days before your next payment.




A Letter From Lloyd



Hey there,

You're here because you're ready to become the highest version of yourself and attract more ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, & LOVE while making a big impact on this planet living your purpose!

But first, your Soul needs you to say "YES" to support. 

I want to support you through the Expansion Membership Community.

My promise to you is to support you in every way I can so that you can become a more expanded version of yourself that has the conscious ability to attract whatever you want and do incredible things on this planet.

Are you ready to have it all and give the planet what it needs by living your purpose to the fullest?

If so, say: "YES" and join me in the Expansion Membership Community*.

Big Love,


PS. The video in the background is a dance off that I kind of lost at my last live event! LOL




Viona Circle (1)

Before I joined the coaching container I was broke, sick, and single. Lloyd not only helped me live a with purpose and have a lucrative business that is making a huge difference in the world, he also helped me become a master coach and feel 100% confident helping my clients access their highest divine potential.



WHOLLY MOLY! You HAVE to experience this! Lloyd's approach to unlocking your conscious manifesting powers is truly incredible. I experienced both emotional and physical releases that opened up energetic flow and alignment. My work and growth continued far after the actual healing sessions. I am now creating 5 figure investments with single clients! Last year at this time, I was struggling to create $1,000 clients. The work I did with Lloyd, opened up the flow of abundance and receiving.



I had tried everything: EFT, hypnosis, regression, kinesiology, Chakra clearing, reflexology, manifestation, visualizations, spiritual healing, counseling, psychotherapy, 'Journey shadow work'. But nothing seemed to get through the locked doors to where my belief systems had been set to lack and struggle. This training took the lid off the locked boxes and I have found a whole new world. It sounds melodramatic I know but it is mind blowing! Lloyd's training should come with a warning: Life will Never be the Same Again - in a really, really good way. ~



If you are looking to manifest money Lloyd Burnett is your guy. He will rock your world and clear out all the SHIT that's holding you back internally. Warning: He has a way of making you cry! But, don't worry, that just makes room for more of the happy stuff.



Overall an amazing and life changing experience. I had so many breakthroughs and things came up that I never even realized were causing me to be stuck both on a personal and business level. Lloyd you truly are an amazing person with such a wonderful gift and I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to help people like myself to get unstuck and live the life we all truly deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee?

There are no guarantees and no refunds. 

The only thing I can guarantee is that I will do my best to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

You can cancel anytime, but you will not receive refunds or partial refunds for time not used.

Will I be able to download the materials?

The short answer is no, you will not be able to download the materials to your devices.

Since this is a membership site where you get access to some of my most powerful programs for a low monthly fee, all materials must be consumed while you're an active member and cannot be downloaded.

Will I have individual access to Lloyd?

If you are 1 of the first 10 people to register for the yearly subscription, YES, you will get 1 individual session with Lloyd (30 minutes).

If you are not 1 of the first 10 yearly subscriptions, you can apply for an individual session with Lloyd or take advantage of discounted rates for members to work more closely with Lloyd.

Is it easy to cancel & how do I cancel my subscription?

It's super easy. The only thing you have to remember is to cancel before your monthly/yearly payment is charged.

You can cancel in "your profile" or send an email to support@lloydburnett.com at least 2 business days before your payment is due.

We will not ask any questions about cancelations. We trust that you are following your intuition and know exactly how long to stay with us and when it is time to move on.

What is the schedule for the online events?

The schedule for online events is posted in the membership site. You will get access to this schedule after you join the community.

The dates & times of events are vary to accommodate different timezones.

If you cannot make a live event, you can send in your questions to support@lloydburnett.com and catch the recording.

All online events will be recorded (If mercury retrograde and the technology Gods permit!!!)

As more and more people join the community, it is my vision to add more opportunities and times for us to connect.

How often are new trainings posted & when?

New trainings are posted to the thought gym twice a month on Mondays @ 12pm PST.

With these trainings, you can go at your own pace. 

If you don't see your question answered above, send us an email at: support@lloydburnett.com

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