An 8 Week Program to Create an eCourse that generates passive income & helps people heal.




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Is The Gentle Entrepreneur for Me?

The Gentle Entrepreneur is for conscious entrepreneurs who have a desire to create an eCourse that supports others and generates passive income. 

I know that you've been experiencing procrastination, lack of clarity, imposter syndrome, and fearful thoughts such as "who am I to create an eCourse". 

You're not alone with those fears. All successful entrepreneurs have them.

However, it's time to move through them and get your work out into the world.

If you don't, you risk:

  • 😒 staying in a job that doesn't resonate
  • 😔 struggling to pay the bills while working harder
  • 😖 trading time for money and losing out on precious time with loved ones

The longer you wait, the more your fears will paralyze your action.

It's time to go on a comprehensive eCourse launching journey with me of 

⭐️Healing Fears⭐️
⭐️Getting Clarity ⭐️
⭐️Creating Your eCourse⭐️
⭐️Automating Marketing & Sales⭐️
⭐️Receiving Passive Income while Helping Others⭐️

It's time to access your creativity and productivity to produce an eCourse that attracts passive income, impacts the world, and helps you feel more fulfilled living your purpose.

Also most importantly, it's not just about you anymore. The world needs you to step up now. The world needs you to fulfill your responsibility to be wealthy. The world needs you to move through your fears and support others.

It's time. I know you're scared...AND, let's do it together anyway!

What Will I Get With TGE?

In this 8 Week Immersion Program, You Will Receive:

  • Access to TGE Modules
    I walk you step by step through the
    creating, marketing, launching, and selling process. Also, I guide you through a healing process specifically designed for conscious entrepreneurs working online.

  • Weekly Office Hours
    You will have access to me to support you with the eCourse creation, business building & healing process. Ask me all your questions so that you can move through any blocks & get your eCourse running & profitable as soon as possible.
  • eCourse Creation Support

  • Webinar Creation Training

  • Authentic Sales Training

  • Example Funnels

  • Scripts & Email Templates

  • Community Accountability 

The Coursework Explained 

 Part One:Get Access to Clarity & Confidence

• Vision Clarity: Discover the divine intelligence of your business so that you can eliminate struggles and feel more creativity & productivity.

• Client Clarity: Figure out who your people are and how to speak to them in a way that makes it clear that YOU are the person to support them.  

• Tech Foundation:  Learn what tech is the easiest and most efficient to build a machine that attracts clients who enjoy your work and want to pay you  for it. 


Part Two: Build an Irresistible eCourse

Build an Audience: Learn how to find people who will be excited about your work and throw their checkbook at you.
• Create an eCourse: Discover the easiest way to create a simple, elegant, and powerful eCourse that sells itself.

• Create a Webinar: Create a webinar that  gives massive value to participants and converts those ready to go deeper into paying customers at conversion rates higher than industry standard.



Part Three: Attract Clients Who Joyfully Purchase

Integral Marketing: Learn one secret that will dramatically increase the size of your audience and their willingness to spend money on your products and services. 
• Sales Training: Discover a powerful & authentic formula to increase your digital product and coaching services sales. 



 Part Four: Scale & Automate

Sophisticated Systems: Set up your business in a way that maximizes passive income so that you don't have to always be physically present in the business to make money.



 Get Access to My Most popular eCourses:  

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The Investment

 $496 (Increases on 12/23/20) 

This includes:

  • 8 Weeks Access to All TGE Modules (eCourse Creation, Webinar Creation, Selling & Marketing Automation)
  • Weekly Office Hours to Get Support Creating & Implementing Your eCourse & Online Business
  • Extra eCourse support on Procrastination, Selling, & Manifestation
  • Community Forum to Connect with Likeminded Entrepreneurs

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🚨Important Points to Understand Before Signing Up🚨

•Next Group Starts on 1/8/21
•You Get Access to All Materials for 8 Weeks
•Materials are Not Downloadable
•You Can Choose a Later Start Date If Needed
•The Price Increases to $596 on 12/23/20


Viona Testi name (2)

I sold 50 eCourses in 5 days during a mercury retrograde without putting a dime in advertising. Also, I sold out my first coaching program within one week and made my first 12k month.

It’s important to add that my business was only 2 months old when I joined the coaching program, and I didn’t have a big following. However, I still managed to manifest huge success in just a couple of months.

Lloyd's work is the most powerful healing methodology I have ever experienced. I had tried everything: hypnosis, therapy, psychics, healers etc. No one could help me get this deep and heal the abundance blocks I had as fast and effective.

Before I joined the coaching container I was broke and sick. Lloyd not only helped me live a with purpose and have a lucrative business that is making a huge difference in the world, he also helped me become a master coach and feel 100% confident helping my clients access their highest divine potential.

Erin Testi name

You HAVE to experience this! Lloyd's approach to unlocking your conscious manifesting powers is truly incredible. I experienced both emotional and physical releases that opened up energetic flow and alignment. My work and growth continued far after the actual healing sessions.

I am now creating 5 figure investments with single clients! Last year at this time, I was struggling to create $1,000 clients. The work I did with Lloyd, opened up the flow of abundance and receiving.

Sam Testi name

After working with Lloyd, my world has opened up to new possibilities. My fears no longer hold me back, they help me grow.

I’ve doubled my income, been offered big speaking gigs and recently, I’ve been noticed internationally by some big players in the online space. Most importantly, fear doesn’t hold me back anymore.



SP TESTi name

It is really amazing and one of the most incredible step-by-step programs out there.

It’s more detailed and more intense than any other program I've ever gone through. I can see why you sell it for $2k. This thing is no joke!

Tosha Testi Name.png

Yummi Testi Name copy.png

Rhonda Testi Name.png

Are You Ready?

It's time to welcome support, reach the people who need your work the most, and receive the abundance that is waiting for you?  

🚨Important Points to Understand Before Signing Up🚨

•Next Group Starts on 1/8/21
•You Get Access to All Materials for 8 Weeks
•Materials Are Not Downloadable
•You Can Choose a Later Start Date If Needed
•The Price Increases to $596 on 12/23/20

Click your payment choice below. 

I Want the Best Value ($496 Full Payment) I Want More Flexibility ($185 x 3 Installments)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee?

I used to offer guarantees, but then I realized that it's not in my power to control your results. Anybody that promises results or offers guarantees is either delusional or using a manipulative sales tactic. 

What I can guarantee is that I will show up for you and do my best to make sure that you get full clarity on your gifts, package them in the best way, and receive a fair and abundant financial exchange for living your purpose. I can mirror back to you how your Soul wants to experience your purpose, but you have to act on your Soul's wisdom and claim your right to receive abundance.

It is your responsibility to guarantee your results, but I can say that many people who have done this work with me feel immediate shifts just by signing up and access more success and abundance living their purpose than they could've ever imagined.

Do I get immediate access to the program?

You will get full access on your program start date.

If you need to delay the start of your program, we have some options for you.


What if I need more than 8 weeks to do the program?

If you find that you need more than 8 weeks to work through the program, there are options to continue working with the materials. I will let you know about those options closer to the end of your 8 week immersion program.

Are the materials downloadable?

No, the materials are not downloadable.

Do I get any individual time with Lloyd?

Individual time with Lloyd is not included in the program. However, if you find you need individual support in addition to the group coaching calls, there will be ways to register for individual coaching.

What are office hours?

Office hours are your opportunity to get support, coaching, & ask me any questions you have.

You don't have to do this alone. Matter of fact, you can't do it on your own. There's no such thing as a self-made person. Every successful person has mentors and support staff who help them bring their gifts to fruition.

When are office hours?

Office hours are weekly on Wednesdays & Thursdays. You will get exact times when you sign up.

As the program grows, I will be adding several other options for you to choose from so that all timezones are covered as best as possible.

Will I have to buy additional services or technology to build my online business?

The simple answer to this question is YES. 

However, in the program I will offer free strategies first so that you can beginning earning money before you spend money. 

When you are ready to invest more in your business, it is imperative to invest in systems that can support the flow of clients and abundance you want to achieve. This definitely costs money, but with the proper guidance, it will not break the bank and you will have a positive return on investment.

What is the refund policy?

I only want to work with people who are 100% sure that they're ready to do the work to get their purpose out into the world and experience abundance.

Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS once you register. 

You have to jump in with two feet. There's no plan B. You have to be willing to claim your results and your abundance no matter what.

Before you register, really sit with the energy of this program and feel into it to see if you're a 100% HELL YES or if you're not sure that you're ready to jump in head first into the energy of your purpose and abundance.

Let's Do This! 

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I Want the Best Value ($496 Full Payment) I Want More Flexibility ($185 x 3 Installments)
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