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In just 5 minutes, I'll teach you the most powerful business strategy that you can use to take what you already know and turn it into a profitable eCourse.

The business strategy is the easy part. Anyone with any level of technology can learn how to set up an eCourse selling machine that has the potential to reach a lot of people and generate consistent, abundant passive income.


After you learn the business strategy, I'll show you the secret to actually making it work. Anyone can set the basic strategy up with ease, but only those who understand this secret will be successful.

If business strategy were the most important part of having a successful business, you would have everything you want right now. However, there's something even more important than business strategy that 99% of entrepreneurs don't realize is the determining factor between profitability and giving up on your dream to go back to a regular 9-5 job. You must learn this secret process if you want to make your eCourse reach a lot of people and be profitable.


Lastly, I'll teach you an easier, less intense, less expensive way to launch your eCourse.

Most coaches will encourage you to plan a live launch. Live launching is stressful and leads spiritually minded entrepreneurs to go broke and give up on their dreams. I'm going to teach you a process that is simple, requires less investment and no team. You set it up once. Turn it on, and watch your eCourse reach the people who need it the most.


Dear Spiritually Minded Coach,

I want to help you build a successful online business using powerful business strategy, healing techniques, and the power of your intuition.

In this training, you will find NO fluff, rainbows, or unicorn farts. Just real talk about Turning What You Already Know into a Profitable eCourse.

The world needs more gentle entrepreneurs and purposeful coaches who genuinely want to make a positive impact.
The world is ready for you!

It's time to honor who you are and allow your gifts to touch the people who need your work the most.

Watch the training, and let’s do this work together.

I'm honored to serve you.

Big love,


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