How to Launch an eCourse that Generates Passive Income (video 1)

Video Two: The Easy, Step by Step Guide to Create an eCourse in 7 Days or Less with Things You Already Have!

  • How to come up with an eCourse topic that will sell like hotcakes!
  • The most basic and easy to use technology that you need to create a stunning eCourse
  • How to package your eCourse in a way that makes it irresistible to your potential clients

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Video Three: A Simple System to Automate Your Marketing & Sales (+Make Money In Your Sleep!)

  • How to automate your marketing & sales so that you make money in your sleep!
  • The simple automation system that I used to make 42 sales in my 2nd month while working 10 hours less a week than the previous month
  • The technology you need to implement an automation system that markets & sells your eCourses, meditations, coaching, or other digital products for you

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