Episode 6: Relief From Procrastination: Get Inspired, Creative & Productive Without Force



The easiest way through procrastination isn't by force or discipline. There's something even more simple that you can do to effectively get yourself up off the couch and into the zone of productivity.

In this episode, I'm going to walk you through the important purpose of procrastination and how to dissolve it at the root so that you don't have to beat yourself up while trying to get inspired, creative and productive


Things that make you go hmm…

Life is simple. Everything happens for you. Not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right place. Neither too soon, nor too late. You don't have to like it. It's just easier if you do. ~Byron Katie

Questions that make you go hmm...

  • Do we live in a friendly universe?
  • Is the universe supporting us or not?
  • What are you not seeing that is here to support you?



  • [00:08:01] How your parts play into procrastination
  • [00:11:01] The 3 purposes of procrastination
  • [00:14:29] The most common reason for procrastination and how to move through it
  • [00:15:20] How to bring conscious awareness to your procrastination
  • [00:17:19] Using parts work in procrastination
  • [00:27:23] How to reset your breath with the Wim Hof method



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