Episode 9: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy: Use Your Story to Connect with Potential Clients



Most people overlook the most powerful marketing strategy known to man...Your Story.

When you use your story in an authentic, vulnerable and strategic way, you engage your potential clients in your marketing and sales process rather than just try to sell to them.

In this episode, I'm going to walk you through a 10 point system to craft your story for connection. When you have a connection story in your marketing, you build more trust with your potential client and are more likely to hear, "YES" when you pitch your products and services.

Episode Inspiration

Those who have accepted self-censorship as a part of themselves, tend to work overtime to justify the punishment of those who choose to express themselves openly, and without fear.  Often their outrage and calls for punishment. Won't be based on the contents of what that person is saying, but the fury will be because that person is even DARING to say anything at all

Africa Brooke - Instagram, February 3, 2022 


  • [00:07:02]  Why perfection is no longer used as a marketing platform
  • [00:10:07]  Why using your story is so important in marketing
  • [00:14:37]  How do you actually craft your story for connection
  • [00:17:35]  The 10 parts to crafting your story
  • [00:25:21]  What are the effects of using story for connection



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