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What Happens When You Honor Your Fear?


Fear is a gateway into unconditional love and unlimited abundance.

To experience unconditional love, you have to love something that you would normally not love.

Fear is something that we are taught to hate, suppress and avoid at all costs. You can change your life and the world by being courageous enough to embrace your fears and hold them with the same love and honor that you hold your happiness.

Also, we live in a world of energy. You attract more of the same frequency of energy as you are…

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Afraid of Abundance, Love, & Success

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Manifestation isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

There are parts of us who have learned to be afraid of abundance, love, and success.

When we don’t support these parts in their healing, no matter how many vision boards we make, we energetically block the flow of the things we want most.

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How Long Does It Take to Heal Emotional, Physical, or Fear Patterns

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Sometimes it feels like it's going to take forever to heal emotional pain, physical pain, or deeply ingrained patterns of lack and struggle.

Today, I invite you to consider that healing is instantaneous, but it may take your human senses some time to feel it.

Notice your healing even if you can't see or feel it. Give your body, mind, and spirit praise for its incredible self-healing abilities.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge your inherent self-healing abilities, your human senses wil…

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