Episode 11: Interview with Keri Nola: How Speaking Your Truth Grows Your Business Even in the Face of Cancel Culture



Your truth is what makes you unique, authentic and magnetic to potential clients that you're here to work with.

However, what happens when your truth feels different than that of the mainstream? In a time where online mobs are quick to judge and cancel, speaking your truth is more important and scarier than ever.

In this episode, I interview retired psychotherapist turned energetic guide to healing professionals, Keri Nola about how speaking, living and being your truth in the face of fear is more important than ever right now.

About Keri Nola

Often referred to as the Queen of Abundance or the Shadow Mama by her clients, Keri's superpower is illuminating healers' gifts by helping them upgrade their energy & weave their souls’ medicine with aligned structure.

After over a decade of growing a prosperous practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist, she retired and expanded her work into the realms of Best Selling Author, Podcaster, and Founder of the Abundance Activator for Healing Entrepreneurs. Today she has a global practice mentoring healers through her sessions, circles, products, programs and events as they alchemize scarcity and step into the frequency of abundant service. You can learn more about Keri and her work at www.KeriNola.com or www.TheAbundanceActivator.com


  • [00:04:46] How truth has set the tone for Keri’s business
  • [00:07:12] How ignoring your truth affects your income and the types of clients you work with
  • [00:09:37] When do you know when a new truth is emerging
  • [00:14:43] The scary truth Keri is stepping into now
  • [00:19:15] Do we have an allergy to power
  • [00:22:06] How to honor your truth and someone else’s truth in the same moment
  • [00:27:13] What level of maturity do we have access to when we are relating to others
  • [00:28:11] What is energetic trustability 
  • [00:34:13] Choosing connection over cancellation
  • [00:38:10] Stepping into expansion in spite of cancellation fear
  • [00:43:33} What is your lowest point and how did you pull yourself out of it

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