Your Purpose

It's Your Responsibility to Be Wealthy & to Impact More People (here's how to fulfill that responsibility)

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You have two responsibilities as a person on this planet here to help others:

Your first responsibility is to be wealthy and your second responsibility is to help as many people as possible without sacrificing yourself.

The definition of service to others is changing. Before, being of service was associated with sacrifice, selflessness, and being a martyr for a just cause.

We are evolving out of that definition into a more holistic win-win definition of service. When you help others, you not...

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Can You Increase Your Income By Harnessing the Power of Your Fear?

If there were a simple exercise that could liberate you from the paralyzing grip of procrastination, lack of clarity, and self-doubt, would you want to know about it?

A client of mine did this exercise and doubled her income.

I'm going to teach you this exercise in a short video. This video is part of a 3 part series on Creating an Abundant eCourse for Your Online Business (click to watch).

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I'm going to give you the same blueprint that I used to create an eCourse in my bathroom...

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3 Ways to Manifest More Money While Building Your Purpose

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Starting a business around your purpose is a financial risk. It's scary because there is a building process that takes time. There is no certainty that your purpose will bring in money as fast as you want it to.

I have coached people who took a year to start making the amount of money they wanted to feel comfortable. I have also coached even MORE people who reach profitability even faster than they expected.

While you're taking the leap into starting a business around your purpose, it's...

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3 Ways to Manifest More Time & Space to Work on Your Purpose

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I'm sure you have experienced this before. You sit down to focus on yourself and all of a sudden, everybody in the world wants your attention.

Whether it's because you have a full time job, studies, family, or other responsibilities that are constantly requiring your attention, it's not easy to set aside time to build a successful business around your purpose.  

Even though it may not always be easy, it's necessary and possible to create the space even when it feels impossible....

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3 Questions to Break Through Lack of Clarity Around Your Purpose

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When I hear people say, “I don’t know what my purpose is,” I know that it's not a completely accurate statement. A more accurate statement for someone who doesn't have clarity around their purpose is:

"I know my purpose, but I’m afraid to be crystal clear about my purpose because then I would have to act on my purpose and risk failure, judgement, and rejection. I'm scared to know the fullness of my purpose."

Sound about right?!?!

Your purpose is always available to you. It's waiting for you...

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Three Reasons My Business Survived 5 Months of Being Stuck in Morocco (because of the pandemic)

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I’m writing this article from a train going from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Why is this detail important?

Because I’m finally back in the US after being stuck in Casablanca, Morocco for 5 months due to the corona virus pandemic.

When Morocco sealed off their borders, most vacationers panicked because they had no way of getting back home to their families and jobs.

I panicked a little because I wasn’t used to a government telling me that I can’t travel. However, I wasn’t too worried about not...

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3 Major Signs That It’s Time to Take a Scary Leap of Faith in Your Purpose

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Before I tell you the 3 signs, I want you to know something: You’re ready to take a leap of faith in your purpose!

You wouldn’t be attracted to this article if you weren’t ready. Deep inside, you know that it’s time for you to more fully live your purpose, but parts of you are scared. That’s perfectly fine and normal. You’ll see that being scared is actually one of the three signs that you're ready to take a leap in your purpose.

Before you read any further, I want to make a deal with you....

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3 Business Recommendations for Spiritually Minded Entrepreneurs that You Won't Learn in Biz School

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You’re a special type of entrepreneur. You’re spiritually minded and need different guiding principles of success than traditional entrepreneurs. In this article, I’m going to walk you through 3 different, important pieces of business advice that will support you in experiencing more abundance, satisfaction, and impact with a business that truly honors your purpose.

1. Create the Product that Wants to Be Created by You

Traditional business folks will tell you to create something that there...

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3 Scenarios When NOT to Solely Rely on Your Intuition in Your Business

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Your intuition is the most powerful business tool you have. It will guide you to clarity, support you in using your authentic voice, and keep you aligned with your highest purpose and the needs of your community.

However, there are times when relying solely on intuition will not give you the physical world, tangible results that you may desire. This is because intuition is a “magical” spiritual energy that is intangible and often times, unexplainable.

There are times in your business when...

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Use Fear to Build an Abundant Business around Your Purpose

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If you believe that fear stops you from living your purpose, it’s time to investigate that belief and experience the power fear has to support you in building an abundant and impactful business around your purpose.

You have most likely been told all of your life that:

Fear makes you weak.

Don’t be afraid.

Get over your fear.

Ignore your fear and do it any way.

Don't let your fear hold you back.

How has the the mainstream “suppress fear” philosophy worked for you?

Most likely, it hasn’t...

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