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Your Chances of Being Successful Decrease if You Don't Address This (How Epigenetics Affects Your Purpose)

Your Chances of Being Successful Decrease if You Dont Address this Thing-Epigenetics

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve more success with greater ease than others? This difference between levels of achievement is typically explained away with assumptions:

Intelligence: The more successful person is smarter.
Genes: The more successful person has better genes.
Discipline: The more successful person has a more solid and strong work ethic.

I’m not going to speak to any of those three assumptions because I’m not convinced that they’re completely true and if they were, I do…

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Deconstructing My Sales Email

Google Graveyard (1)

At first, it felt a little awkward to send a sales email for a course about selling! LOL!

Rather than be weird and awkward, I thought it best to be transparent and honest.

Here is a video deconstructing a sales email that I just wrote to my community. 

In this video, you're going to learn:

  • How I connect with my community to establish a human relationship (connection sells)
  • Why I use manipulation from the heart and what that is
  • The importance of clear and honest calls to action 
  • Why I em…

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How to Use Comparisonitis to Attract Your Intentions Faster

comparisonitis (1)

Manifestation can be instantaneous, but often, there are forces that slow down the process and make you wait to receive what you want.

These forces that slow down the physical manifestation of your conscious desires can be categorized as: Light and Shadow Forces of Manifestation.

Light forces slow down the receiving of your intention to support you in choosing your path with more awareness and alignment with the greater flow of the whole.

Shadow forces slow down the receiving of your intentio…

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How to Create a Mission Statement & Feel Crystal Clear Clarity about What You Do

Crystal Clear

If you want your work on this planet to have a major impact…

If you want to reach the people you are here to support…

If you want to receive abundance in exchange for your purpose…

You have to be clear on what it is that you do and who you do it for.

One of the best ways of digging out that clarity is by creating a mission statement for your business.

Your mission statement will create a container for your business. It will help you define what it is that you do and who you do it for.


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How to Get Comfortable & More Confident Charging Higher Prices

higher prices

I’ve gotten pretty good at selling higher ticket services. I consistently sell services between $2,000-$10,000.

I used to get nauseous at the thought of asking a potential client for $100, now, I can ask for $10,000 and not even flinch.

Want to know how I got confident and comfortable selling my services for higher prices?

The answer is: A lot of internal healing work and support from others who had already made the leap into selling higher ticket services.

Now, not everybody is meant to sel…

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When You Feel Bad Because an Idea Flopped...Check Out the Google Graveyard

Google Graveyard

Ever had an idea that flopped?

Wether it was a product that you couldn’t even convince your own mother to buy or a webinar you did with only crickets on the line, we all have ideas that don’t take off.

It’s what happens when you show up in your business over a long period of time.

Some things are wildly successful others lukewarm, and some, just plain dead on arrival.

I’m not immune to this. One of my first online programs for weight loss sold 2 spots. One person asked for their money back a…

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Should You Take on Debt in Your Business?


I have gotten myself into some major debt as an entrepreneur.

When I first started out, with no money in the bank, I signed up for a $6000 group coaching program.

My bank had no business giving me that loan because I didn’t have any income nor any idea of how I was going to repay it.

Before I said yes to the debt, I checked in with myself and ask the following questions:

  1. Am I sure this debt is going to be in service to my purpose or is it something my ego wants to do on a whim?
  2. Am I willi…

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Do You Have to Force Yourself to Do the Things You Don't Like to Do in Your Biz


I really don’t like networking.

I lean more towards the introverted side.

For a long time, I tried to force myself to go to networking events because I thought it was what I needed to be successful living my purpose.

I can’t tell you how many networking meetings I drove to and sat in the parking lot for 10 minutes trying to find the courage to actually go in, but ended up driving home.

It’s just not my thing.

Without networking in the traditional sense, I was scared that I was never going t…

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How to Get Lucky in Business

How to get lucky

If you scroll through Instagram and Facebook, it may seem like other people are getting lucky in business.

You see them traveling, making money, getting clients, and doing everything that you’ve been wanting to do. It may seem like they got lucky because they know someone or were in the right place at the right time, but most likely that’s not the truth.

Only a small percentage of people get lucky at the beginning and see their business expand exponentially from it.

Most people who get lucky,…

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Why Is Pricing So Difficult??


Setting prices is one of the biggest blocks for spiritually minded entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs fail to successfully sell their products or services because they are blocked by the thoughts: “The price is too low or too high!”

Today, I want to invite you to consider that you can’t get pricing wrong AND with a little bit of investigation, you can ride the ever-changing wave of pricing with greater ease and confidence.

Your product or service is alive and the pricing will change based on w…

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