Podcast Episode 3

Shifting the Energy of Imposter Syndrome So That It Actually Helps You Be More Successful

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Show Notes


If you don't do anything about it, imposter syndrome will sabotage your business, income and impact. However, if you strategically use it, it can actually support your business and increase your income and impact.

In this week's episode, I going to show you exactly why you're experiencing imposter syndrome and how to shift the energy so that it no longer holds you in the paralyzing grip of fear, but it helps you connect more deeply and authentically with your audience.


Taken from: Yuval Noah Harari

Religion was ousted by science. What will oust Science? Will it be intuition or some sort of spiritual practice?    


  • [00:04:46] THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMM…Before consulting external resources, first, go inward and access your intuition
  • [00:06:49] What is imposter syndrome
  • [00:08:14] The protection mechanisms of imposter syndrome
  • [0011:49] 1st step in shifting imposter syndrome energy: Parts Work
  • [00:18:15] 2nd step in shifting imposter syndrome energy: Create an Evidence Board
  • [00:20:29] 3rd step in shifting imposter syndrome energy: Shift the Vibration
  • [00:25:04] Behind the Pretty: Social Media Submission


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